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  1. So far I've used Blade the least and I enjoy Magik the most!

  2. What are you using after Gather to get the most out of Magik? I want to use her but have been underwhelmed in the teams I’m putting together.

  3. I usually leave Gather towards the end after I've softened everyone up a bit.

  4. How did ER win over Forbidden West for best visual design?

  5. Forbidden West was a bit generic. Elden Ring in comparison oozed world design.

  6. Ya correct nothing works for everyone. That is in fact the conundrum of all discussion around anything. Why sometimes an article can be clickbait or APPEAR to be.

  7. I would probably watch more of your videos if you made chapters (voice/sound, gameplay, fun factor, verdict, etc) because I don't really enjoy the sound portion, and you don't always have them in the same order.. so I just end up skipping to the end or just reading your comments to get the verdict. I don't really want to dance around the video looking for the sections I want.

  8. I was raised Catholic, and when I was unable to reconcile the fact I am gay with the realities of Christian thought on Queerness, I began looking elsewhere.

  9. What tipped you over from 'hey this Dionysus is cool, he is queer and has awesome festivals' to full-on believing in his existence?

  10. dont be a london twat. Go anywhere north of london, avoid the south.

  11. Yes, it was for me. I'm glad I was introduced to Jung.


  13. Since we are also a very far refrection of the One, could we be considered as a very imperfect Gods?

  14. We are not reflections, but we have a causal link to the Gods. Everything and everyone is linked in a series of causations back to the Gods, and ultimately The One. What's interesting though, from a polycentric point of view, the Gods all contain each other. For example, Ares is reflected in Zeus Zeusically and Zeus in Ares Aresically.

  15. I think it’s mostly neoplatonism according to the videos I’ve seen.

  16. Plato? Probably. But his theory of forms doesn't really require a polytheistic worldview. St Augustine was heavily inspired by Neoplatonic philosophy, yet became a Christian.

  17. I think if you increase the noise slightly, you might be able to get a bit more detail in them.. particularly the backgrounds

  18. Do you think the media scrum thing is just kayfabe?

  19. The only thing I would say is that terms like 'all-powerful' is potentially misleading, or gives one the impression that the divine is like the Abrahamic God.

  20. The Goodness of the Gods is something for which there is plenty of good philosophical and historical precedence for, but it's not a requirement for others to believe(although I personally have my curiousities about why people would want to worship non-Good beings, but you do you in that regard).

  21. Yeah, to me they are either ARE the good (a polycentric view) or they are the closest to The Good in the hierarchy of being. My initial thoughts is that seeing evil or lack of goodness within the divine is due to our own limitation, and distance from The Good. We have a very narrow scope to view the divine and we lack the capacity to understand their actions.

  22. Are you going to release a model that isn't anime? Not all of us are weebz 😅

  23. Jesus, what have y'all been feeding this AI? How is it better at generating a coherent image than Dall-E?

  24. It's because it's basically Stable Diffusion.

  25. I would also suggest using the same seed (find one with a composition you like) and then tweak the prompt in stages.

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