1. And while we're at it, we should be able to destroy/dismantle megastructures too.

  2. Maybe something akin to a Leviathan parade opportunity where we'd have the option to strip the megastructures for alloys, or unlock empire wide boosts.

  3. She's joining cpbrd, the budget arm of the house of reps, still a hefty post.

  4. When it comes to dealing with the Reds, "moderate" pa iyang si Clarita Carlos. Kasi nakikita niya yung ideals and rationale behind the "revolution."

  5. I actually took it as somewhat of a good sign that Marcos installed a member of the Academe as NS Adviser, even if I don't like Clarita Ramos. It was such a far cry from the highly militarized make up of Rodrigo Duterte's Cabinet.

  6. I want whatever the hell this guy is smoking. Must be some really, really, good stuff. 🤣

  7. The first photo is exactly how I imagined what a training room for the Admiralty looks like inside the Strategic Coordination Center.

  8. Minsan may hidden gems sa book sale. Waaaaayyy more cheaper :)

  9. I think you got scammed. It says The Black Series when he's clearly all in white.

  10. The Force is strong with this dad joke. You get a pass. Move along.

  11. Huh just seen two of these very recently outside.

  12. It looks like the practice runs will continue until the 21st.

  13. I get your point. Only highlighting the fact that this was acquired under President Aquino because Duterte-Marcos bloggers have a tendency to credit grab the achievements made under his administration.

  14. Okay pa dati nung wala boomers sa Facebook. Nung nakapasok sila sumabay mga trolls and scammers kasi nauuto sila. Huhu

  15. Daaamnnn, I wonder what was the idea behind showcasing a tragic watershed moment in humanity's history as an entry for a Christmas village? This is so unnecessarily macabre. Lmfao.

  16. I'm a 90's kid, I want to watch Sineskwela, Hiraya Manawari and Bayani again.

  17. For me personally, Zlibrary is a lot better for research and journal articles that are super expensive. Libgen not so much.

  18. Plus the recommendations that show up below a particular title is very helpful in expanding my research bibliography.

  19. Unforgettable talaga for me yung tinabig nya yung mikropono ng SMNI News a few months ago. Such an iconic moment. 🫶

  20. Nakakasama talaga ng loob to. I really hope it comes back someday.

  21. Thanks for going through all the trouble of missing the point.

  22. I was a pretty heavy smoker, and I have a really hard time ascending steep inclines.

  23. I'm still grieving for what could have been. 🌷😥

  24. This has happened to me several times. Thought I broke the game lmao.

  25. Oh wow. I'm so sorry na nilalagay ka sa alanganin na posisyon nung delivery guy.

  26. Thank you so much for understanding. Kaya nagpapanic talaga ako. I just realize how much information we give to these apps and strangers. May phobia pa naman ako sa calls lalo na di kilala number and the rider won't stop calling talaga to make sure I don't answer the call. He kept saying sorry po Ma'am pls po. Promise po they will give you the voucher etc etc. I have to keep in track of his missed calls para madifferentiate ko sa agent number. Kinabahan ako kasi after ko makuha orders, he really told me not to answer any calls and I did, and I received his. Parang dun palang sinasabi niya na pls don't answer foodpanda. Baka talaga balikan ako if I do report him right now, the timing is too obvious na ako yun. 😭 I will really switch to grab muna talaga kahit mas mahal.

  27. Chill ka na, OP! Ramdam ko yung taas ng adrenaline mo. 😥

  28. This is why Rogue One is the best film to come out of Disney's acquisition of the franchise—it looks like Star Wars, but more importantly, it also feels like Star Wars.

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