1. Ah, apologies, missed you on this one - but if I do another blaziken I’ll shoot you an invite!

  2. All good, I'm heading to a festival in a few minutes. Cheers though!

  3. Kartana landed in Northern hemisphere with a much larger population having access to it and doing remotes for people

  4. So it doesn't count unless it happens to you, got ya. Us Southern hemisphere plebs will remember our place in future.

  5. This is getting expensive. So many back-to-back paid ticket events. I don't mind one here and there, but in rapid succession like this it's getting to be a bit much. Not to mention the base price seems to be creeping up with how they are valuing these events. Inflation is hitting PoGo hard!

  6. It's one now and one in three months time. Not really back to back?

  7. I'm not seeing people that normally buy tickets say they will skip it.

  8. I'm absolutely going to buy it, I enjoy the research questlines :)

  9. Fascinating. This is the first case of PoGo getting a shiny variant first, right?

  10. It's not just about scrolling, it's the fact that it blocks me from seeing challenges to catch certain pokemon, I'm used to seeing these challenges but now since it's covered by Trump's wall of stardust I'm going to think I have nothing to do. Others have forgotten pretty good challenges because of this.

  11. It doesn't block you from seeing anything. You've just got to scroll past it to see them.

  12. Idk what to tell but that people don't like it since it's a huge wall that a majority of people don't want to see but Niantic refuses to listen to their players complaints and keeps it their body blocking the whole tab.

  13. I swear everything pogo does at this point to appease the fans is a practice in malicious compliance.

  14. Honestly, with all the whining the reddit community does, that's all I'd give them too, lol.

  15. Boo. I preferred the new art style. Especially nerd-rage Blanche.

  16. This isn't a full-season bonus, btw. During three events there will be a choice of limited time research questlines that will award whichever bonus you have chosen. There has been no word yet whether these bonuses will last outside of the events you get the research in, and even if they do it's incredibly likely they'll just be replacing each other (ie they won't stack).

  17. Well levelling up past level 40 doesn’t get you anything extra, except for a few items when you do level up.

  18. Wouldn't trust any Elon Musk-related company to not break data privacy laws. Steer clear.

  19. “If any man despises me, that is his problem. My only concern is not doing or saying anything deserving of contempt.”

  20. And just like with most conversations with Aurelius fans, that didn't address anything I actually said. ;)

  21. Why on Earth would you let them play your account instead of creating their own?

  22. What's the difference between Ruby and a Sapphire?

  23. We'll find out closer to the date when they announce the ticketed part of the global event (like in previous years).

  24. Theres like 70% legit complaints and then 30% complaints by people who treat this game like work/prison

  25. You remove them 😳 89 days down the drain?

  26. Kinda weird. Even if you don't get to put a lucky egg on yourself, 100k XP is better than 0 XP, lol

  27. When Faith No More covered ‘Easy’, when Faith No More covered ‘I Started a Joke’, when Faith No More covered ‘Spanish Eyes’, when Faith No More covered ‘Reunited’… Faith No More are probably the only band that can turn shitty songs into legendary songs.

  28. I love FNM, but the Commodores original of Easy is very much the superior one. That second verse is pure fire and Patton just skipped it.

  29. The one that bothers me most is the 3 hour community day. Did they ever give a reason for it?

  30. The stated reason was "Most people didn't utilise it and only played about 2-3 hours".

  31. Doesn't help that they were using the metrics for a 6 hour CD that nobody was really hyped for (I think it was Hoppip) vs. a 3 hour CD Classic (Bulbasaur) which everyone was excited for.

  32. What makes you think that was the case? Much more likely is they were looking at the trends from the entire period of change vs the pre-covid, pre-change period.

  33. True if he wearing it inside that’s just weird

  34. Or that they just don't want to have to carry them when there's no good reason they should have to take it off inside.

  35. Who narrates is more important to me. Going to be hard to top Sean Bean and Leonard Nimoy...

  36. The best bit is there is a bunch of lore that supports a fan theory that Lincoln was potentially a Kombatant for team Earth.

  37. It's combining the story from one of the kharacters (Erron Black) with real-life events.

  38. You'll have to checkout with another game, which you can then refund if desired.

  39. A lot of us get an error message which won't let us put it in the cart.

  40. Best thing to do RIGHT NOW is to change her contact name in your phone to NO NO NO working for: DO NOT EVER CALL!

  41. Both Mongolian people I've met IRL pronounced it as "Ching-gis". Starting the name with a hard 'G' seems to be a westernization.

  42. That’s so interesting that in both conversations Ghengis Khan came up! Were you doing research?

  43. Wasn't doing research. One time we were talking about a band that does a couple of songs about him and the other person I was chatting with was talking about the video game Civilisation.

  44. You say that like a meme but Hisuian Arcanine would be a baller research reward

  45. Nah, that would be worse than Starmie. At least Starmie is a boosted dust pokemon - 1000 dust > 300 dust.

  46. The point is that Starmie is a boosted stardust encounter to go with the free starpiece.

  47. I'm 40 minutes in and this guy just sounds butthurt that the sport has passed him by.

  48. Judging a Dan Carlin show after just the first 40 minutes? Silly, silly 🤣🤣🤣

  49. It's only an hour long. Pretty sure that guy isn't gonna magically stop sniffing his own farts in the last 20 minutes

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