1. Does anyone know the artist that make the original art? I’d love to follow them

  2. I know most of these, but what’s the middle one on the bottom row and the 3rd column 2nd row? I want to think that one is genderqueer, but I thought that was purple then white then green.

  3. My headcanon is ace lesbian Elsa and nobody can take that from me.

  4. oh my god I'm sorry I see it now. was feeling weird for a second haha

  5. omg I also thought he was smilling before I saw this comment and I was so confused😭

  6. Im gonna be honest I thought the “read more” on the screenshot was real until seeing your comment😭

  7. Apperantly it got nice traction. 100 members in 30 minutes.

  8. I have identified as abrosexual and demisexual before realising I was aromantic

  9. This is not my original artwork, I just thought it would fit here! Credit goes to the original artist (:

  10. Feel free to do mine if you want to (: my @ is 1029sunshine1029

  11. "You're gonna get us killed one day [by a black person]" is the real racism in the cartoon. :(

  12. Well maybe, but there have been a lot other jokes about her online and I believe that that’s what this commenter is referring to

  13. Funny thing is, the original comic (in its first, unaltered form) had a feminist message. The woman with kids and the single woman eating pizza were both shown as established and complete. Now if only I could find it…

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