1. If you’re willing to spend some money on them, the shapeways market place has models for sale.

  2. I’m probably gonna release the basic templates I recreated for free, maybe I’ll just put out the actually completed ones for sale :)

  3. Cool, I’ve been trying to make the dranzer g attack ring, but it never looked quite right

  4. Keep in mind that while I kept the original design under it, I’m not one for stickers and 100% like the original one. So this got a lot of the original lines, plus some rework to look good even on one color and to improve on strength since it needs to be printed.

  5. Nice. Mine is meta gatroizer . He is like nightmare Longinus and nemesis diablo combined

  6. Cool. Because Zeus, Poseidon, Apollon, and Venus had all been officially made, I decided to make the rest of the Greek pantheon. I currently have 4 finished and I’m working on a fifth.

  7. Mine is named after Galvatron from transformers because I thought his design was cool

  8. It wasn’t from any show, it was part of the bakuten shoot manga

  9. Have you ever thought about turning metal series energy rings into attack rings?

  10. Yeah, that's just 480p rendered in 1080. Not actually HD

  11. I don’t think you’ll get any better than that for a while, because it’s old.

  12. I grew up on the original series. And you’re right, the characters in the original series are very likely to be stronger than the previous series. Now this can be debated with the metal saga, but it’s just my opinion that the og is stronger. Burst is more like a sports anime than anything else. Where as the original had actual sacred spirits, the metal saga and burst have just a visual representation of the creatures their blades are named after (sort of like how bit beasts were in G revolution). The metal saga, is more like the og series than burst is. Burst is more about how people hold their launchers and getting part upgrades. It’s a good series, but it doesn’t compare.

  13. Haha! Glad you bought this up. I'm already done with Poseidon! I'm in the middle of 3D printing it now.

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