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  1. YES! 😂👏🏻🔥 Congratulations on the new house, by the way!

  2. Who cares what people think? Be proud and excited for your tattoo! It’s awesome! 💜

  3. I fucking love HTTK. I love all their albums, but always make sure to give a fuck ton of love to that one and The Stage. They both get so much hate and neither deserve it.

  4. I love the stage. One of their most solid albums. Why does that get hate?

  5. Probably because it’s not like Waking the Fallen or City of Evil.

  6. Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Escape the Fate, The Dead Rabbitts, Bad Omens, Bring Me The Horizon, Aleonia and I Prevail, mostly.

  7. Like my wife will post some of her Jimmy gta stuff and the amount of negativity that comes from it is shocking

  8. Don’t understand why people have to be so rude all the time. Guess they have nothing better to do than be rude behind a screen.

  9. I really fell in love with The Stage’s cover. I use it as a wallpaper on various things.

  10. I met them by accident back in 2017, before a concert. It was pure coincidence that my dad and I were walking to the concert hall just as they were leaving their tour bus. Unfortunately they were kinda in a rush, and I only got to briefly speak to Syn and Zacky by exchanging hellos with them both. Syn used to intimidate me but he was super nice, and after I said something about wanting to meet them for so long, he briefly held my hand for like 2 seconds. The roadie wouldn’t let me take a selfie with Syn but Syn let me take a photo of him just before they went indoors. Matt wasn’t with the group so I assumed he was still in the tour bus at the time.

  11. I love your story. And I remember seeing this photo somewhere, as well. Syn is such a sweetie. 💗

  12. Nope. Not yet, anyway. I need to meet them at least once in my life. 🥺

  13. That would be me. I don’t like strong alcohol or beer, so I probably wouldn’t like these either. Ahhh, what we do for Jimmy. 😂💗

  14. I never liked it because of the country sound to it, but after listening to the lyrics and hearing it more, I really ended up loving it. I could probably do without the woman’s voice, though. 😂

  15. Hell yeah, thank you! Would def recommend if you like weird shit — their EP Unfortunate Snort is on YouTube. Metal meets Danny Elfman meets ska-punk-funk-god-knows-what, with a healthy dose of goblin to boot

  16. You’re welcome! And thank you for doing this, it’s pretty fucking amazing. ♥️ I’ll definitely be checking it out! I knew there was some Danny Elfman inspiration and I love that.

  17. I can take zero credit, all this has been organized by @sevenfoldsam! But you’re right, it really is amazing!

  18. Oh, that’s right. I think I got confused. 😂But thank you, anyway, for posting it! And thank you, @sevenfoldsam

  19. I love it, so cute! Agreeing with another person, definitely create the others!

  20. So happy for them! And I’m so glad Hail to the King made it, with Nightmare.

  21. Where do I buy the boxes? I have been looking on the website and I can’t find them

  22. These recent boxes were only for March Madness, but they do them every now and then, like Speedy said.

  23. Nice! I got Syn's pick in mine and my partner got Zacky's(both orders were together). It worked out well. I'd love one of Johnny's, to add to it now.

  24. I need to do this! I’m afraid to take the plastic off, though. It looks like it’s sticking to Brooks’ signature.

  25. Yeah, that pos won’t stop. It’s ridiculous. I think I’ve seen somewhere that she’s just some jealous AF fan, who feels the need to continuously harass and hate on Val and Matt, saying everything possible in photos is fake. She needs some serious help. If you try to tell her otherwise, she automatically thinks you’re Val. 🙄😂

  26. Oh! I don’t know why I thought drummer too. Either way, yeah. They’re great.

  27. Didn’t get much in the first, still waiting for my email from usps for the delivery

  28. I got some good stuff, including a jacket, for my first. But also a few things I already had.

  29. I’m glad I’m not the only who ordered another one

  30. People need to lighten up. I fuckin love that video. For the longest time I never liked my name (my name is Jimmy Sullivan, too) but now I try to live like Jimmy.

  31. They DO! And me too. I've watched it so many times. Cherish that name, always. It's badass!

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