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  1. My theory is he isn’t neurotypical. Some people smile or laugh at inappropriate times (being yelled at, bad news,) & there’s

  2. Watch, like NCIS season 14 or whatever it was. Don't remember clearly.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I would freak out lol

  4. when you have a show like House where you have tons of characters of the week in the form of patients, it's not that surprising to find these.

  5. I figured maybe they had the same casting director!

  6. Is this some AI stuff 😭 if not you’re a genius

  7. When the former high school bully you beat in a karate tournament with an illegal face kick shows up at your business and all your employees know exactly who he is.

  8. Lupus? No. Sarcoidosis? No. Amyloidosis? No.

  9. At least that comes with a catchy song 😩

  10. Even people who make six figures can be so poor with money they live pay check to pay check, especially if alimony is involved. & we can assume house is probably not great with money. Also, they both have huge apartments. Probably 2-3k per month

  11. Season 5 you won’t be disappointed! I don’t wanna spoil it for you but after you watch season 5 all the way thru you’ll be amazed!

  12. Season 5 is often considered the best season by longtime fans. Strap in, you're in for a ride!

  13. Do we know that she wasn't this way before? I've always put her as a big drinker.

  14. Weekly + relistening while I wait for the new eps 🙈

  15. 'For good' from Wicked will always have me sobbing. Every lyric is so so so absolutely beautiful but... Glindas first verse is what RUINS me 😭😭😭

  16. The Last Five Years. The way Cathy was so hopeful for the new relationship at the end just broke me.

  17. I cry at the opening number, man… that show 😩

  18. Hell if she leaves Ed, no more paychecks from TLC bc they want to keep Ed for some reason. I’m sure they will continue this 💩show of Ed and Liz.

  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up on 90D single life.

  20. She needs some serious mental health treatment to deal with all the emotional and verbal and mental abuse he puts her through. Before even considering doing the single life. If not, she will never have a good relationship bc of baggage she brings with her. I like Liz, but at some point this pity party needs to stop between them too. It’s toxic AF.

  21. I want someone to critic his steak cutting

  22. I was so proud of myself for seeing an Osborn J wave in a hypothermia patient the other day, and my attending was like well he obviously has hypothermia his core temp is 85°

  23. Good job✨ you deserve credit for seeing it! That’s why we learn all this stuff lol.

  24. I always sort of loosely pictured Nicole Sullivan from MadTV but this works as well

  25. Just googled her. I could see it in the face!

  26. This is some nice use of AI art for once. Nice vision of our Maris.

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