[OC] I showered for the first time in 2022

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Summer fun, me, digital, 2021

I needed this today

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  1. Honestly I enjoyed TFA, after that I just honestly stopped caring for the sequels.

  2. Really? That's incredible to me. I'd rather watch ANH twice. I just can't stand it dude. Star killer base, is the lamest thing I have ever heard in my life, after 6 movies about building the deathstar and destroying it, they came up with "star killer base". And recycled the entire plot, desert peasant wearing jedi robes, teams up with a suave rule bending pilot. Replacing the word rebellion with resistance somehow makes it different. The empire renamed the first order, new bad guys right? Wrong. Same storm troopers and uniforms. It's just.... so fucking bad man. So lazy and not a single risk was taken. I could literally stab JJ Abrams for what he's done. Disney ruined star wars... somehow.

  3. Overall I agree and understand that its pretty much a copy off but I still personally liked it.

  4. The 2nd Amendment does not "allow us this freedom", rather it restricts the government from infringing on that God given right to keep and bear arms

  5. Yep. The first one is so fucking good. I love picking a river map as the British, blowing the bridges, and committing to a game long stale mate from impassable artillery.

  6. But he probably is doing it out of spite though. Am actually quite terrified to approach this individual lol.

  7. Just because you're in the closet doesn't mean the rest of the gay community needs to accommodate that. Your oppression is your own, don't force it back on people who are now free to be themselves.

  8. God you must be fun at parties! Good thing they're not your rifles.

  9. Oh my fucking god, you're one of them. Shut the fuck up, realize your leaders, whatever the fuck their party may have done in the past, are NOW stampeding over human rights and rapidly dragging us back to the feudal era.

  10. Bro, save your breath, and don't feed the trolls. No amount of logic will convince him, he's only here to argue in bad faith.

  11. Han Solo also says it in Empire, something like: " Your Tauntaun will die before you reach the 3rd marker!" "Then I'll see you in Hell!". Which can only be seen as an allusion to an afterlife. I don't think they'd do that one these days though lol.

  12. The long time leader and founder of GIGN hostage specialists in France had a philosophy of the first shot being what counts. As part of their (everlasting) training, they would always begin the day with a cold shot on a target, called a Confidence Shot. Only one chance and you either hit it or didn't, no redos.

  13. It's all posturing. Just like the idiots in jacked up diesels with confederate flags and bumper stickers in my neighborhood....in northern Ohio.

  14. Listen, I'm not trying to make the argument that they're never dangerous. Of course you should be leery of people who outwardly portray a type of "black pill" far right ideology, but there's also equal threat from people who quietly radicalize and then act as well. It's been my experience that the people with outward displays as mentioned do so to get a rise out of people around them - again, not that it's harmless, and not that my experience is universal, but it does reek of inane posturing.

  15. For sure. I'm just trying to say they never deserve the benefit of the doubt, they could up and lynch you with their friends at any time.

  16. Happened to me as Germany, closing in on a science victory. Then boom. Asteroid hits my capital mega production city, complete with multiple wonders like Ruhr Valley.

  17. I did say, it’s an irrational fear. I finally got over my arachnophobia. This will take a bit

  18. keep deflecting from your initial mistake and asshole behavior 👍

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