1. He is the Kate moss version of shihtzu 🥰😂 which DNA test was this and how much?

  2. Reason 2 is a flag. If she thinks it is a waste of time now that is unlikely to change after. Sex shouldn’t be a chore it should be a moment of intimacy

  3. I don’t need the GC so please omit me. happy Independence Day!

  4. Woah 😳 I go there a lot the staff there are so kind!

  5. What’s everyone’s favorite cheap sunscreen? I’m not looking for the best sunscreen ever, just something affordable.

  6. I tell them I can’t take it off cause their breath stinks

  7. What if I am Canadian citizen travelling internationally. Do I need arrivecan to come back?

  8. Alternate title: I was a victim of sexual harassment and confided in my partner. She is victim blaming me

  9. Anyone remember the non sort box called 1BJ? It was changed to 1BK

  10. My mom gets chinese meals on wheels, it is $9 per meal. I believe western meals on wheels is $8.

  11. Is it same organization you just specify cuisine preference?

  12. I like Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream. It’s light coverage, like it doesn’t cover all my freckles or veins, but it evens out my complexion just enough for me to feel more put-together with it on. The shade doesn’t quite match when I first put it on, but as it ~melts~ into the skin or whatever, it starts to appear much more natural/suited for my skin tone.

  13. Do you apply this with brush, sponge, fingers? I have this and can’t get it to work. It applies into nothing and I get zero coverage (not even light)

  14. Majority of the time I will use my fingers! I get it on the pads of my fingers on both hands, and tap it onto my face, similar motion to how you use a sponge/beauty blender. I’m pretty gentle with it, because if I blend too much or wipe it across my face, I have had it blend into nothingness before. I squeeze a line about halfway down my pointer finger, for reference on about how much I apply. I tend to apply more of the BB cream than I would for a typical foundation, if that makes sense.

  15. I find myself comparing body version vs face versions to see if ingredients are similar and the face product it just marked up. I also look at cost per mL or gram. TO and IL are affordable but sometimes their quantities are so small and it’s not obvious it’s actually more expensive.

  16. Wow your makeup and you are stunning! I’d recommend some outer corner lashes to keep it natural but bring out those beautiful eyes. It will also help to stand out in pictures. I would add a clear gloss too but that might be annoyint

  17. Any tips on how to check quality of furnace? I feel like that’s the heart of a home and a bad furnace can ruin things

  18. I’m so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself

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