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  1. I doubt your product is good if those combos weren’t overwhelming enough to make you not want you to add a bunch more drugs in

  2. I smoke weed every time I trip doesn’t mean my substances are bad, some people just prefer mixing weed or nitrous when they take dissos or psychs they potentiate the effects and sometimes that leads to a better trip, it’s all about preference.

  3. Horrible advice. You would still be consuming a small amount of MBOMe and it would be too late.

  4. NBOME isn’t dangerous when people know they’re taking NBOME, tabs are usually dosed at 700ug-1000ug, So when people think they’re acid and take multiple tabs they get heart palpitations and vasoconstriction gets to them.

  5. Damn I haven't seen any of those 25-x compounds since like 2016-17 when alot of people were Tryna sell 25i as lsd, I actually really liked the one trip I had on em it was a 25-i+25-c combo tab and I tripped absolute sacks off it, doesn't have that same mystical headspace that lsd does tho

  6. It’s NBOH I never touch NBOME, Doesn’t give the same headspace as acid but it’s great for parties, The visuals are great, it’s straight eye candy

  7. I want to try but I’m not sure if the clear net site is safe

  8. i heard bluebuddha was scamming people and the deliver time was horrendous?

  9. I order straight from telegram I have no complaints so far fast replies and regular shipping times 2-3 days max

  10. would you please send me the address

  11. Nope not all some are pressed with isotonitazene not fent

  12. Not many people will agree with this one but DMT is the way to go the trip only lasts 15-30 minutes but it can feel like hours and the euphoria you feel and the visuals you see is indescribable plus you don’t build a tolerance to it.

  13. Just get behind him and roll him out of the store lol

  14. Do you think I could grind it up and put it in a sandwich or something like that ?

  15. Just do an oil extraction takes longer but definitely worth it the taste and texture won’t be as disgusting and your less likely to experience nausea, just don’t put too much oil.

  16. If I don’t have a scale I use a teaspoon it’s roughly 2.5g each scoop but damn that looks oily

  17. I have a feeling it is she tried to hide his hands after seeing it 💀

  18. If you order off tor it’s either gonna be flualp or etiz it’s sorta rare to get real Diazepam in some areas

  19. It’s a psychedelic research chemical derived from 2CE I actually enjoy it more than LSD-25 it’s visual aspects are significantly stronger but the headspace it gives is very different, Good for social occasions or raves because it’s also an amphetamine seemingly giving endless energy some even call it a hidden gem because of how obscure it is.

  20. Shpongle Static Live at Ozora 2019 - Shpongle + EAT Static Collab Set

  21. Damn this perfectly encapsulates the vibe 25E gives off while tripping TY!

  22. It definitely got me high it was almost like rolling on E, getting it down was the real challenge it was like drinking sand, I took 31g my first time if you get passed nausea it’s a pretty decent high lol

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