1. Aaand It's finally over. This is the complete set for the Middle East and North Africa.

  2. absolutely amazing! How do you retrieve the Unit Sprites? I find them saved in .SLD format which I cant open or convert. How did you do it?

  3. I suggest you change the title to add (Part 1) or something. Otherwise, people like me will be accidentally clickbaited into thinking you're covering 50+ units in one 10-minute video.

  4. thanks for the feedback. I though having Part 1 in the Thumbnail is enough. But yeah I can add that to the title

  5. Great list. I agree with all (and their reasoning), except Khmer houses. I think thats no an oversight but intention; an dmust not be changed

  6. I don't HATE the map is the problem. I just don't want to play it every time. Do something over and over again and it gets so boring. I've played African Clearing past 7/10 games.

  7. Replace "African Clearing" with "Arabia" and now you know how I feel 365 days of the year

  8. Keep in mind the groundbreaking feature they have: They can damage a unit, without being damaged in return. Its called range and its quite a gamechanger

  9. This (my) Youtube channel revolves around exactly this question:

  10. Self-promotion here. I look at the historical questions of AoE (e.g. what is "Kataparuto"? Or do Torsion Engines really increase blast radius?) with a pinch of humor.

  11. uiii looking forward to it. However I yet have to watch the Georgians. Thats the only other one I havent seen yet

  12. I wish the timeline was as detailed as that of AoM, with being able to see pop/resources/score/kills over time. It's one thing they could have overhauled with DE, and clearly it's possible since Capture Age does it.

  13. I'm 100% with you. But imho AoE3's endgame timeline is even better than AoM

  14. Don’t care but are you the real HHF? Please say yes

  15. The answer is Tatars. If you leave relics aside (with those every civ has infinite gold) the only infinite gold source in a 1v1 game are Keshiks.

  16. Burgundian farms and Portuguese Fetorias.

  17. Next time, do some (dis)honorable mentions to give us some more insight into your decision making process. Surprised not to see Atheism lol. Are you going to do a most accurate list? Enjoyed the vid, sorry if this sounds overly critical.

  18. Thanks, thats a useful feedback. Yes, top 5 will be made and I will go more into honorable mentions with the top5.

  19. Sometimes - as it should be - the tech tree is more inspired by history.

  20. You can house wall off enough space for two lumber camps on the left side. You're still at a significant disadvantage but you could pull it off.

  21. Thats exactly what I did and it worked out well

  22. Why was it removed in the first place. I dont see why 3 modes (RM, EW, DM) can all be in the ladder together.

  23. Please tell me the market hotkey bug is fixed!

  24. I'm mostly deflated with how empty the ranked ladder in teamgame seems to be. Often the queue goes to 7+ minutes. And opponents are foten a couple 100 elo higher or lower.

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