1. My husband introduced me to lefse and it's so good! He makes it from time to time and 🤤

  2. this is the whitest thing i’ve ever seen yet there’s still not a shade that would be light enough for me

  3. Same 😅 I have the translucent graveyard tan.

  4. Speaking about DipLip: "His face was familiar from their YouTube Q&As about sexual purity and from a video published by the ACLU  in which Nelson, then a Kansas City police officer, swept the legs out from under an unarmed Black man and slammed him face-first into a sidewalk"

  5. It’s giving one-room-schoolhouse hoedown. And if it was 1865, that would be fine…but it’s 2022 and Kelly might seriously need some support. If she didn’t have white supremacist, bigoted, hate-filled beliefs I would feel a lot more sad and sorry for her than I can given what she believes.

  6. That's kind of where I am with it. If I feel sorry for anyone in this scenario, it is her children. It can't be easy having Kelly as a mother.

  7. This is way more accurate than it should be 😅

  8. Elegy (Serenade version) by Alphaville

  9. Imagine having enough free time in your day to be able to complain on Instagram that people aren’t buying you stuff off your Amazon registry

  10. Imagine being entitled enough to think that you are owed people buying you stuff off your registry and then asking for the most expensive stuff - when you are already from a wealthy family in the first place.

  11. I hope that whoever made the horrific sin of buying only the blue backpack sees this and it wakes them up to what an asshole she is.

  12. If I bought a gift for someone who was acting like this, I'd return that thing so fast it'd make her head spin. What a selfish ungrateful twat.

  13. Sounds to me like she’s hoping to get more than one of these. A person buys it, marks it as purchased, but this b-wordle just keeps adding it on? Yeah. You want more than one, entitled little belladonna. Pathetic, selfish, ungrateful and highly stupid.

  14. I wouldn't be surprised if she's just planning on returning them for the money ... She is truly despicable and I wouldn't put it past her.

  15. I have been positively waiting for this! 😅 I absolutely love Trixie, but it was hard listening to Ashley and Ashley with their ignorant takes, as always.

  16. Imagine being so far up your own ass that when someone says, "Hey - here are a few things to consider and it could help you be even more successful", your reaction is "No. I only want to sell to people that look and think exactly like me."

  17. I genuinely hope she sells 0 of this rip off course about courses

  18. She’s like the annoying girl in your friend group as a kid and you invite her to the sleepover and regret it because she won’t shut the fuck up and does stupid shit thinking it’s funny while everyone else is super uncomfortable, and your parents keep coming down to yell at you for being too loud but it’s all her fault for acting like a maniac.

  19. 😅 Oddly specific, but not untrue. And I can immediately remember that girl in my own group of friends as a child.

  20. Maybe "TESTIM ONIAL" is what Brit's tattoo really says lol

  21. Lol ... I like this theory. I always think of it as "Tetley Tea" 😅

  22. Maybe this makes me a horrible person but I want this to fail and end terribly. Like I will actually be so upset if she succeeds lol

  23. Same. I may be a bad person, but I hope she doesn't make a single cent and she has to face it - she's not the influencer she thinks she is.

  24. Y'know, she's not actually that much taller than her husband, as someone 4 inces taller than my own.

  25. Right?! She pulled the hat up - so it makes her look even taller. Weird choice, Bethy.

  26. I don't understand how it's so hard. If someone has something to say - come here! No poo!

  27. I HOPE it flops, but I'm worried she's actually going to get a few takers.

  28. Don’t worry too much. If she has takers, they subscribe to her terrible values anyway, so that’s $2k that won’t go to their favorite MAGA politician or hateful religious group. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. That's a good way to look at it, at least!

  30. I’d be so annoyed if I worked at her parent’s business and just wanted to take my lunch break, but this twit has taken over the break room and there’s no where to sit and eat.

  31. Hey snarkers! I just got my washer and dryer delivered and installed, so I don’t have to use a laundromat anymore 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  32. Excellent!!! That's going to be so nice for you :)

  33. I'm absolutely living for these videos 😅

  34. Kinda suspect that you didn't actually show that scorpion, Britney. Almost as though your story is bullshit.

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