1. Cameras make pictures; and books are like pictures that makes their head hurt.

  2. I had a fucking stroke reading this

  3. Thx for helping me realise that I’m wasting my time 🙏🏻

  4. https://www.dauntless-builder.com/b/dJfvTA5FgC1wtmJFeSphwTbpTBmiACzaHjgiMCM3F0UjC5ocj3hwCn4iyS2AT2

  5. Lack of tough makes tenacious a waste of space

  6. I’ve never played this game, but I think that wasn’t supposed to happen

  7. wo iskon wala yter sadhu hai ek, wo kehta porn dekhne ka mann kare to bhajan sunlo💀

  8. Can I get a translation or am I not allowed to know?

  9. So ungrateful, instead of being happy that someone took some time and effort just for you, only for you to complain about it makes me think you shouldn’t be given any gifts in the first place.

  10. I don’t find myself really hating any specific elements that much. But overall, frost behemoths are annoying, along with the frostbite in fesca. The status effects are annoying, the weapons u get aren’t that amazing, except pangar, which is of course one of the best behemoths. Just most frost behemoths are really annoying to deal with for me personally.

  11. I’d like to see their reaction, when they found out u did a serious exam

  12. It took the breath out of him and if he screams it will make the pain worse. Like a surgery pain

  13. Dude u just unlocked a memory of mine. When I was like 6 years old they made some kids in our class cut apples into small pieces, I think we were making a salad. They chose me to cut an apple into multiple pieces, and they gave me a proper knife. It wasn’t some kind of safe knife (if those even exist) it was just a normal ass knife used to cut tough foods like vegetables and what not. I cut the apple in half no problem, but then the second half came along. My left hand was situated next to the half apple. I was about to cut it, but I lacked the strength to break through, and then the knife slipped down the apple straight into the tip of my index finger.

  14. That’s why moonlord has no legs

  15. WTF. It's true, there are tons of fully uncensored pussy shaving videos .-. I was not expecting that

  16. Ok I thought you guys were being satire. Jesus Christ

  17. I have a solution, take one selfie, then one normal photo. End of discussion idc what u have to say

  18. Tilted shit 2 Edit : it’s the middle of the night when I typed this I’m tired as hell

  19. The video ends right before he throws it at him

  20. Nah it’s fine, it’s based only on self stimulation. Anything outside of that is fine

  21. “Those who say they don’t care, care the most”

  22. If this isn’t inspired by the terraria crimson, I’ll believe in anything, I’ll believe in ghosts.

  23. Can’t argue that it isn’t unusual I guess……

  24. Reasonable means that its proven to work and has saved lives. The TSA has failed at both things, with a 95% failure rate. So no that's not reasonable I'm sorry.

  25. That’s a problem with the TSA. That doesn’t mean it’s every airport security company problem.

  26. Well the TSA is used at the majority of them.

  27. If this gets locked, I will eat something

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