1. Western Pacific and Southern Pacific looks really good, I would wear them.

  2. The DC Metro system was very enjoyable to used when I visited there back in the early 1990s.

  3. She should be with them, just as bad as they are.

  4. Got enough clearance in the rear tubs ? Looks really tight.

  5. Microsoft’s goal is and always be that of a monopoly.

  6. Without competition, monopoly will stagnate and die. Economic theories have shown that.

  7. raises eyebrow did you mean to ask: Is that an ocelot?

  8. T6 is pretty small too. You shouldn’t be applying a lot of force to it.

  9. I think the size is insane, cannot be good for the slot it is seated in. Also does it not block off two other PCi slots ? Stupid.

  10. Ford Tri-Motor should be an interesting kit to build.

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