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  1. I'd take a few minutes from Herb and give them to Dyson if he proves his game translates well to the Nba level. Also i think Zion should play maybe a little less cause of injuries and all that.

  2. Good evening, AlphaTauri are their “sister” team, any one team is only allowed to put out 2 cars within any one race. The sharing of IP is quite a hot topic at the moment (with the supposed “green” red bull) but certain elements can be shared/sold to teams, others can not and teams must be able to prove they have designed etc these elements of their own car.

  3. I know that teams can only have 2 cars, but if Red Bull engineers and AlphaTauri engineers worked together they would design the same car and Red Bull could profit a lot by not only having 2 teams in the top at the constructors championship but also strategically

  4. Aston Martin aka GreenBull looks like a RedBull. Also Vettel was a RB driver.

  5. Stop trying to change what is unique about the game. One of the best parts of baseball is the difference stadiums and field dimensions and the strategies that go with it.

  6. I'm not trying to change anything. If the fans like it, keep it the way it is. I just found it interesting and wondered if you guys were cool with it.

  7. they are many factors that could have influence on a ball being a home run or not the size of the ball park is the on focused on more because it's really easy to understand. But altitude air pressure, heat, wind are many factors that have influence on hits being home run or not

  8. You can't control the wind, but you can build equal parks. But if the fans like it, then let it be.

  9. Are we getting that Lakers lottery pick no matter what? Cause i watched some people say that it only goes to us if it is between 6-10 but on ESPN they didn't talk about it?

  10. Mais à americana. País onde o liberalismo produziu fantásticos resultados. /

  11. I don't think the Knicks will trade RJ. Their intent is to put that Duke team back together. You'd have to get you two in a three-way trade.

  12. I dont see the knicks getting zion without dealing rj and maybe like 3 frp

  13. I'm sure if they could pry someone like Mitchel, who wants out, for Randall you guys would do it.

  14. Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson for Zion? I don't think so I think we should target a PG more than a frontcourt player.

  15. Other than Stockton I have never heard of any of those players

  16. Alvin Robertson holds the record for most steals in a game if I'm not mistaken

  17. Man, put some damn commas and spacing in your post. And keep it clear and concise.

  18. I do the spacing. While I'm writing it looks good to me but when i post it, it all smushes together. About the commas, soory I'm not a native speaker.

  19. Instead of 39 949. Do 39,949. Especially when you write it next to a - it’s confusing as fuck. It looks like 2 different numbers. Or a . If you’re from Europe. But 39 949 with a space in the middle isn’t taught anywhere.

  20. Didn't you understand what the fucking number was????

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