1. Do you think you could send it to me too? My OB didn’t give me anything like that! She just told me not to eat raw meat lol

  2. Yes. Currently pregnant naturally but it only happened after I took Myo-Inositol FAITHFULLY for 3 months.

  3. I’m in a similar position to you, lean PCOS, currently 5w4d pregnant with previous losses. The best advice I got was that there is going to be PLENTY of allotted time to be sad if things go badly, and it isn’t going to help you with the indescribable pain if you feel grief preemptively. So just lean in a bit and allow yourself to listen to your body without judging or worrying what’s going on until you actually know more. Easier said than done I know. Sending hugs 💞

  4. I received flowers at my doorstep today. They were an early birthday gift from my mom who lives in another country. She hasn’t gotten me a birthday gift in probably 5+ years so it was a lovely surprise.

  5. I'll go first, everyone thinks I'm insane bc I love fries with mustard NOT ketchup

  6. The one that is the hardest to do while you're depressed: go to the gym.

  7. You said it. The first week is torture but the second week brings some momentum that feels…hopeful.

  8. Reading these comments I never realized just how ridiculously spoiled I was growing up in a middle class family. Like I knew I had it easier than most but it’s like a world of a difference.

  9. That’s exactly how I feel reading through the comments. I’m glad you recognize this too.

  10. The Kardashians/Jenners… horrendous role models to young women 🤯

  11. They start trying out different moves in the bedroom seemingly apropos of nothing.

  12. Cooking new meals for my family because I don't want to get bored of the same dinners all the time.

  13. I feel this. I always end up buying expensive condiments and sauces for new recipes

  14. The trick to this is you ask her guess where I am taking you to dinner? If she answers a place with excitement, then you say "Yes how did you know? If she says a place and you can hear disappointment or contempt in her voice then say "No I know you better then that, and tell her to guess again until she gives a answer with excitement. Then you kind of trick her into choosing without the hassle and she might see it as more romantic.

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