1. Seriously, thanks for the heads up. I picked up the standard version but now I only see the premium version on the site. Wild.

  2. Of course! happy to spread the good news! yeah I was luckily able to grab the standard as well!

  3. This is the mark 47 head sculpt from Spider-Man homecoming. I was able to purchase this figure from a Facebook group for a pretty decent price

  4. Mark 47? The eyes should be glancing left. Yours the eyes looks like it is looking straight.

  5. it’s possible it could be the head sculpt from mark 50, but it doesn’t really bother me

  6. Yeah. Love this Fin. The head sculpt is one of the best in my collection! I paired him with TROS Rey. They look great together. Just wish we could get a Poe!! 🥹

  7. I know!! I would love a hot toys of poe! That way I could have ray Finn and poe all together 🥲

  8. For real! Maybe we’ll get a good head sculpt from Moon Knight and make custom Poe’s. I would do that for sure! Hot Toys also made a great BB-8 that has a metal body and magnetic head. He can be rolled/positioned in any direction and the head stays on top! I got him to go with my Fin, Rey, and Kylo Hot Toys. Great little droid 😊

  9. That’s awesome! Yeah I’m really hoping for a head sculpt for moon knight! The figure already looks awesome, but a head sculpt would definitely make the figure 100% better

  10. Thanks! Yeah the Midas is a beautiful figure!

  11. I agree. Definitely a stunning figure. Hopefully you got one without damage. It took me three replacements due to numerous scratches and blemishes. Fortunately, SideShow customer service came through.

  12. Thanks! Yeah luckily so far I haven’t noticed any damages or scratches

  13. I love that Thor I just wish he had a screaming head but other than that he's amazing!

  14. That would’ve been pretty sick! But yeah this figure is amazing!

  15. I’m working on the same thing, got Thor for 200 and clean MK 85 for 275 waiting on that in the mail then going to pick up cap in a couple weeks

  16. Nice! Yeah I’ve been wanting those endgame trio for a while, so I’m excited when I’ll have all three of them together!

  17. Thanks! He’s definitely an amazing figure! My goal is to get endgame Thor, and battle damage iron man mark 85 next!

  18. Endgame Captain America was my first Hot Toys also and I I later got Thor and Mk 85 iron man and they look amazing next to each other.

  19. Nice! Yeah I’ll be excited when I collect both of them!

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