1. Yoooo they need to bring this back! I went HAM on these. I ate way too many packages by myself.

  2. I only seek out non-verbal ASMR. I find it weird listening to someone going to 2nd base with their microphone.

  3. Love 'em! When I was really little, I apparently used to ask my mom to clean my ears multiple times during bath time. I guess I've always had a weird fascination with ear cleanings, lol.

  4. I swear every other day there's bots in this subreddit

  5. We're all bots. After Y2k we replaced the original, organic humans and were given false memories.

  6. Name-wise and appearance-wise, Zedonks are probably the closest we have to real-life Pokemon. They're precious!

  7. Started listening to her during Christmas and became a fan shortly after. So exactly a month now. Not even 2 weeks in she was already my 4th most listened person on Spotify of all time. She's not like my favorite artist ever or anything but I like her a lot as an singer, actress and a person. Don't like the music enough to get it tattooed but I have to fill that specific part of my arm and it might as well be something with a positive message right?

  8. I got into her around that time too! It's funny - about a month ago the only songs I knew by her were Just Dance, Bad Romance, and Applause.

  9. Same here! And the community's been welcoming, too! At the end of the day, we're all peeps jamming out to absolute bangers!

  10. Wasn't that the season that was widely considered so bad that its subreddit converted to a Daredevil subreddit?

  11. In the meantime, you can use the crosswalk light to gauge when the traffic light will change. If the hand is blinking, the traffic light is about to change to yellow.

  12. Tomatoes are great, but I was talking about eating a raw piece of fruit by itself and in that context, tomatoes don't make the cut for me.

  13. I've gotten on that Pink Lady apple train. Choo choo!

  14. ABBA, Madonna, Elton John, The Kinks, Kesha, Jonsi, Sigur Ros, Blondie, Eurythmics, Hall & Oates, Duran Duran, Beyonce, P!nk, ELO, Todd Rundgren

  15. It would be cool if Joey's monsters got retrained into cohesive Red-Eyes support:

  16. Do I get half credit for saying Campbell's on the final clue of the first round?

  17. I've never viewed "Campell's Chunky" as a specific brand. Funny thing is I buy them all the time. I refer to them as "the red cans."

  18. My Armed Dragon deck has an Extra Deck that's filled with a random assortment of ED monsters. The ED is only used for Pot of Extravagence. It's essentially like running 3 Pot of Greeds.

  19. A few years back there was a FJ that was "The War of the Worlds". I remember the clue being super descriptive (a radio drama, brief summary of it, narrated by Orson Welles, ect.). I could not for the life of me think of the name.

  20. When does Simpsons get good again for you? I defended it to my mates for all the later seasons but then hit end of 32 and start of 33. And just the string of ‘lisa episodes’ got too much and I stopped. Does it turn around after that?

  21. "Pixelated and Afraid" from S33 is not a good episode - it's a GREAT episode. I'll even make the hot take that it could contend with some of the classics.

  22. I love how much this sub has hyped up Cobalt Blue

  23. I'm over here hopelessly wishing for a Max Mercury or Liberty Belle cameo.

  24. So Alius becomes Neos, who eventually dies and becomes Spirit of Neos. That's oddly poetic.

  25. Oh yes yes, it's absolutely terrible. But

  26. ...that's a link I'm 1,000,000,000,000,000x10100 % leaving blue. Can't imagine the creeps there.

  27. Y'know, I didn't even know he was the "not-Charlie Sheen"- character in Two and a Half Men until relatively recently (I never watched that show).

  28. I've never seen either of them, but I've heard people mention them so often that it was the easiest one in that category

  29. Never seen Jojo, either. I do know that's where the "za warudo" and "muda muda" memes come from.

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