Drone footage of a Russian AFV getting hit by an Ukrainian anti-tank missile (reportedly a Javelin).

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  1. digital art of a boy teaching a robot to use a computer

  2. I’m no expert but isn’t the butter meant to be melting/melted

  3. Tried it on my phone and yeah, there is the exact same problem xD same auto-corrections (я не, они они ...)

  4. Thanks for checking! I was really starting to doubt myself lol.

  5. And let’s not forget the running-into-giant-ships incidents

  6. So are you Footy Scran or did you steal it from them or did you steal it from someone who stole it from them?

  7. This is from Footy Scran, yes! I linked to the source in another comment

  8. Looks like the start of a video game, so weird seeing this shit in Europe

  9. I saw someone say that this war looks like a WW2 video game is because WW2 happened in basically the same place

  10. If you can detect the rocket a few seconds before it hits, maybe you could even eject the crew forwards or something. Idk

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