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I hacked the Dutch government and they sent me this

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  1. Max Harding did a book on Das Reich that's free on Audible. I'm looking forward to listening to it when I get around to it.

  2. This was my favourite exhibition in les invalides. I have no idea why this was so striking compared to everything else, but I still remember walking up to it and being like "Oh shit."

  3. I've been wanting to find some of those large lavender bushes because bees fuckin' love them, but I know next to nothing about gardening. I don't even know what type of lavender it is and when I can plant it.

  4. How about a giant wave machine at Dover to push them away?

  5. Amazingly, most people don't jump at the opportunity of admitting their guilt.

  6. We thought the same with May, honestly.

  7. They're going to reanimate Jimmy Savile's corpse for the next leadership race, and honestly, it wouldn't be much of a downgrade from the absolute shower of shit we've had with the last two contestants.

  8. Agree that MMT doesn't work, however it is how the majority of G20 governments and central banks run their economies, and thus the world.

  9. Take the kids on a weekend vacation and give her a "Mom weekend". Before you leave place cctv all over the house including all bedrooms. VAR any room that needs audio. Have a great weekend with the kids and come home to pure adulterated proof. I can't imagine a cheater of her caliber not taking advantage of an empty house. Heck, she probably wont say anything about missing a family weekend! Good luck and Godspeed!

  10. Just casually install CCTV in every room. Is he gonna do this on the sly in the space of a day?

  11. I've never been able to trick Netflix with a VPN, and I have absolutely no idea why.

  12. I don't really know. I've had it done and didn't get any real pleasure from it. Also I feel awful for her for doing it. I can't imagine anything worse than licking my rusty sheriff's badge and as such I would feel so uncomfortable and unable to enjoy the experience.

  13. Of course the flip side of this coin is leftists being hyper sensitive to anything anyone has ever said ever that might be possibly be construed as an ism, but then putting on their collective blinkers when one of their icons has said super racist remarks about people in the past.

  14. I get a similar looking rash in the same area sometimes. Also, I get redness around my nose on occasion. I tend to find that some OTC moisturising creams will get rid of it. I've used Eucerin cream for a while now, and it usually does the trick.

  15. Nobody lives in Kiev, it's Kyiv now.

  16. They're named after the Kiev hotel in Moscow, so it should still be Kiev, really.

  17. You aren't the only one who got caught up in it, although I've got a decade on you.

  18. I was gonna say, I hope this is sped up. My father was a firefighter and he was once going to a fire when the driver hit, and instantly killed, a pedestrian. The driver was ultimately found to be not at fault because the guy was crossing the street in such a way that he simply couldn't have done anything, but it nearly ended his career and it left him a little traumatised.

  19. It's an absolute culinary debacle. It's such a shame you can't unsee something.

  20. Someone on the street adjacent to mine couldn't be bothered to move their car on the day they were relaying the whole street. They just tarmacked around his car.

  21. I'm sure there was an American senator that said looking at a website's source code was a punishable crime.

  22. Backtracking before she's even the PM. The backtracking is getting quicker and quick.

  23. I'm an essay person too. I only recently learned about 'double texting' and how it could come across as needy.

  24. I think it depends on the situation. You can break you texting into a few messages, and I wouldn't consider that double texting. If you're texting someone, and you're the last one to send a message, and they don't respond, don't be the one to send the next message. I, personally, would consider that double texting. They know where you are if they want to message you back.

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