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  1. We see her using a halberd and leading her people into war this Peach is going to be badass

  2. So Mario is Emmet from Lego Movie (Chris Pratt, bumbling idiot), and Peach is Wyldstyle (does everything perfectly 24/7 until the last moment when they're too busy saving 9 out of 10 things at the same time and the hero has to step in for #10). We sure this movie hasn't been done before?

  3. If this shows anything it's that there's no need for the D to pinch into the zone or go behind the opposing net. I can't stand players like Matthews passing to Holl for a missed shot when it should be Matthews passing to Nylander, etc. Let the shooters shoot and the defenders defend.

  4. If we're talking about The Elder Scrolls franchise, it will probably be over 15 years for the next installment.

  5. 17 years is inexcusable. I get they wanted to try new things but holy moly. They have a game in Skyrim that sold 30+ million copies in its first 5 years and instead of making a slam dunk ES6 they make...

  6. How is it inexcusable? They could very well not do another TES game at all. They don't owe us to continue franchises.

  7. They're a business, businesses are in the business of making money.

  8. Is this one way shorter than ff7 remake (part 1?)? Ff7 remake part 1 was the first ff game I played and it felt really dragging and long in the end.

  9. From what I remember beating Crisis Core took me 15 hours. Beating FF7R took me 35 hours.

  10. Turns out it was super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  11. How this is not the top answer is wild to me. There’s literally no competition.

  12. The answer should be: "first 10 seasons of Simpsons".

  13. I might be the only one here hopeful about Square Enix's future.

  14. Right now it’s Murray’s net because he is the most recent guy that is both healthy and playing well. In reality we need both of them moving forward. Kallgren has already cost us multiple points this season.

  15. Kallgren hasn't cost the team anything. The only thing you can ask of your third goalie is to keep it competitive, and he has.

  16. This game again? When he said influenced by FFXV back in 2016 I didn't think he meant the dev time.

  17. Probably, win both games then down to GF GA for 1st or 2nd.

  18. I actually found the game pretty funny, just the absurdity of it all. A dollar for that much entertainment was worth it.

  19. They were 2 wins away from winning back to back to back stanley cups.

  20. So like Warframe, which was released previously on ps4 but had a ps5 patch, will still say ps4? So it’s only ps5 exclusives like demon souls that will say ps5?

  21. Warframe has a PS5 version. Just search it in the store and buy the PS5 version for free.

  22. Developers love the tight space loading screen these days

  23. It was clever, for a time. But like everything else it gets oversaturated.

  24. But I mean, do you prefer an actual loading screen? Or maybe change it a bit and turn on a generator like last of us

  25. I check my phone when going through the tight space so all the same to me.

  26. how did he go to the bathroom while stuck in an underground box? what did he do during that time?

  27. Probably only drank fluids for a week before and the week during. Doubt he even had to go poo once, but never watched the video. People do that all the time so not that big of a deal. Pee I'd assume was in bottles or something a bit more automatic.

  28. I think 11 years is an effective sentence. She will never have a good career again, she will lose everything. It works. It's enough.

  29. Her husband's worth over $10 million and heir to a buttload more. She'll be fine unfortunately.

  30. Man I was hoping Elden Ring would at least get a minor sale. FromSoftware games always so slow to drop

  31. If there's a sale for it it'll be for the game awards sale next month, but probably 20% off at most.

  32. contemplating getting skyrim vr for cheap and hoping it gets a free vr2 upgrade

  33. XII and it's not even close. You can get mad op weapons and armor early then fart your way through. Need lp? Just best up level 1 stuff they never stop giving lp. XII is just broken and that was before the invisible weapons. I'm not even gonna talk about how much more broken the game is after TZA.

  34. You can get 255 strength in FF8 in 2 hours and then spam limit breaks every turn to deal 80000+ damage against enemies with 50hp.

  35. There's no way you can get 255 strength in 2 hours. Even if you could get the Str+20%, 40%, etc. bonuses that quickly, I still don't think you could get the magic you need to boost the Str stat high enough (can't get Ultima, Triple, Aura, Flare, Meteor, etc. The best you can get is Tornado).

  36. You can get 100 Triple from the Quistis card and Str+60% from the Zell card. Heck you can even get Lionheart once you get the Brothers GF and that will get you 255 and 9999 damage per hit for sure, so let's say 4 hours then instead of 2.

  37. I modded the PC version of FF7 Remake so I start the game on hard mode as if it's a brand new game and not a new game plus. This means I have no way to heal at ALL until I get a cure materia. I have no other weapons, no armor, nothing. As you can see, I easily get 1 shot by the Shinra Guards right at the start of the game lmao

  38. Unfortunately Guard Scorpion will be as far as you get. Even blocking one of its missiles will kill you.

  39. He wrote a novel but left some pretty important stuff out, namely the emails between him and Marty. Why didn't he include those? He included 99% of everything else.

  40. This, he gave no evidence that Marty was even mean to him in any way that I can recall.

  41. There’s been rumours of a MGS3 remake recently at Virtuos Studios, but that’s based on

  42. How will they remake MGS 3 when they can't even use the main MGS theme anymore due to copyright with that Russia musician? Just won't be the same.

  43. Well the lawsuit came after MGS4 that's why 5 doesn't have it.

  44. Such a huge issue. Imagine being a kid and your favorite team is playing their most important games. You've been watching all year, but your bedtime is 10, so you can only watch half of playoff games.

  45. We used to tape them as kids and now you can just pause the tv, turn it off, go to bed, wake up, turn on tv, press play, and start right where you left it.

  46. Me too, me too. FFXV is really my only issue with the company as of late. That game is so disjointed and unfun.

  47. FFXV is what made SE change their entire development structure. It's why they moved to the unreal engine for FF/KH titles, it's why they moved FF7R from outsourced to in-house to start anew in 2017, it's why they hired a lot of new people, particularly from Capcom. They're continuing to make changes as seen by selling off their Western Studios for 300m which they bought in 2009 for 80m.

  48. I’m begging for Square to be the next studio to receive a Capcom-esque renaissance. I want FFXVI to be SE’s RE7 so, so bad. Give FF a great name in mainstream media again, keep the quality going with FFXIV, give us some great spin-offs like an ArcSys Kingdom Hearts fighting game. Revive some beloved franchises with quality driven remakes, like Parasite Eve and Chrono Trigger. Pour so much budget into KH4 and give us a great game at launch. All the while how about a new huge JRPG IP? Something original, that isn’t just some low budget title and doesn’t awkwardly try to appeal to the masses.

  49. A new JRPG IP like Forspoken? SE hired a bunch of former Capcom devs over the last 4 years. FF7R combat is headed by the battle director Teruki Endo who also lead monster hunter: world's combat. FF16's combat is led by Ryota Suzuki who was part of Dragon's Dogma and Devil May Cry 5's combat.

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