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  1. A small plastic explosive charge is triggered, initiating a controlled explosion of the doohickey controlling the toilet flush, which in turn releases the siphon setting off a chain reaction of glacial spring flush water and septic tank contents: first, the massive gravity fed tank hooking up the flush to the toilet seat bolts opens fully, unscrewing the bolts violently / 42 milliseconds later the septic tank pumps reverse and catapult their contents in the opposite direction, launching the toilet seat tbrough the door creating a a whole statistically perfect for the average Swiss citizen to exit through.

  2. That description is pure gold! Oh, and OP, just to avoid that you startle: When the hole has been created, the train PA announces that you reached the terminal stop and are free to exit the toilet in four languages...

  3. Last country to introduce anti-slavery legislation was Mauretania in 1980.

  4. The very first time you hear "Well, that's totally normal at your age..." from your doctor.

  5. That's definitely the smallest branch store I have ever seen.

  6. Jetz isch miar unwohl vo dera huara Currywurst. Das chunnt wohl wega dr Cultural Appropriation us Berlin.

  7. The extent of the opioids crisis and the sheer number of mental health issues. The winner takes it all voting system. Advertising guns to kids. And of course cheese from spray cans.

  8. It's the Burning Man puppet being transported to Nevada. Didn't you know that it is produced each year in Kandersteg?

  9. But honestly, all this rage was so unnecessary. Why didn't they just accept his lottery ticket...

  10. I am serious, what happens in America if Trump goes to jail? I don’t believe there will ever be a civil war. But American democracy will never be the same. How does his party react ? What happens if Republicans gain powers again? Where do we go from here?

  11. Agree. No civil war, but Trumpism will of course remain in the Reps world. I believe not a small number of Trump allies in Repland wouldn't be unhappy to see the new Orange behind bars. Simply because it allows the forthcoming of a Trumpist candidate without the drama and perfect chances against Biden.

  12. Early Schengen flight on a early Monday morning? 2h is more than enough even in holiday season...

  13. Well, near Lucerne the horseflies obviously flew over the Gotthard... Bünzli joke aside, they are rather an annoyance than anything else. Their bite is not prone to diseases and heals within a few days.

  14. Can confirm. Got a treatment by Olga, my Russian masseuse today...

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