1. With this set list, I believe Nas takes it. Get down vs 99 problems is tight tho

  2. This is like when Joe on Everyday Struggle said we accept J Cole but not logic 😂

  3. He’s not poppin😭 when was the last nas hit? It’s not a slight u don’t have to be hot rn to be successful, he’s not played @ clubs parties etc like 21 is, I feel like that was super obvious

  4. What’s his definition of relevant? Whenever Nas drops, everyone wants to hear what he has to say. Nas is never the top seller but has always stayed relevant. The whole culture wants to hear what he got to say. If that’s not relevant the. I don’t know man

  5. Now she needs to check in when she’s outta town

  6. Maybe his management doesn’t think is needed. I don’t know if Stormzy has one too

  7. I might be the only one, but what does that mean?. “The first means nothing to you”

  8. I never heard the album until I was in the record shop 2 years ago and they were playing it. Immediately asked what it was and bought it right away

  9. Y’all acting like joe wouldn’t do the same thing if given the opportunity

  10. I can already hear Ish talking about integrity on Wednesday

  11. I don’t know about of all time but, the last five years, Westside Gunn and Styles P are up there

  12. Is this Joe Budden? This sounds exactly like how Joe Budden take will go this Wednesday on the pod

  13. Captained Kane caise of his record against Arsenal, Litteraly everyone else in my league captained Haaland. Im going bottom of the league

  14. So many good albums this year, and Freddie definitely in the conversation. And that Pusha T verse is 🔥🔥

  15. I’m sorry but I just cannot stand how Ak talks. Man can never finish his sentence, I can’t sit through his interviews, but that’s just me

  16. Don't forget the sound that Master P makes, and also causes other people to make

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