1. Don’t tell him when you peak. Just come out with new sexy clothes or start something without the pressure of the peak.

  2. Ohio is not one of the states with a 30 day trigger law ( in 30 days those states will ban abortion) OH is still deciding where it stands. Even the states that are ready to do it right away will have to wait 30 days. So do it asap!!! I’m over in New York to if you ever need to come camping again

  3. Omg. 😕 I thought all the states had to take 30 days till things take effect. That’s what I thought I read. That’s awful. Thank you for the update nevertheless

  4. I got a TAC placed Tuesday! Recovery has been difficult. But my and baby are doing great

  5. ECMC is the hospital they are transported to. Maybe look for go-fundme of Buffalo families in the coming days.

  6. I’ve been rollllling my eyes at some of my white acquaintances on Instagram…

  7. Literally, like I know you don’t shop there, and he wouldn’t gone after you

  8. We're not big on mother's/father's day gifts, or gifts in general. But some of the things I've gotten for my partner are a dog tag necklace engraved with her hand and footprint, I have a similar necklace but in a heart shape. There are also bereaved mother's and father's day cards. You could also try making some art with hand/footprints if you have them. Etsy has some awesome ideas.

  9. I was thinking this card and a bouquet of flowers and a nice dinner for my husband. We don’t have any LC either.

  10. Whenever I sit in the sun. The golden hour, precisely gives me such hope and peace

  11. It’s not bad. My freshman year was covid so it was different and online, then I took time off( medical reasons) but coming back this fall as a commuter. I thought my professors were honestly really great. Strict, grounded but knew their area of teaching well. Campus is small, cozy, and easy to navigate. Getting what you need from higher ups ( aid, services) can be a bit tricky but keep at it, they’re there to service us. I actually got into UB also, but I went with Buff State… I don’t regret it. Lmk if I can help!

  12. It’s very easy to check replacements. There literally a button that has a pre made message asking if you want a replacement

  13. Constant stomach pain. Just a constant dull ache. Never seems to leave

  14. Derealization is the one symptom I can never learn to accept. I hate it with a passion lol and it leads me to panic every time it comes on.

  15. I can finally recognize myself almost every time I look in the mirror. But connection to memories? Feeing like this isn’t my life? Weirdest, ickiest feeling I have ever felt

  16. They know exactly what they are doing .. flat rate tipper...

  17. How do you know the difference between flat rate and percentage tips??

  18. Having a low rating won't affect your chance of deactivation. Honestly just doing more batches. I have like 60 ratings rn. I've done 100 orders since March 3rd. Working early in the day and continuing to communicate with people. Message them when you're on your way with an ETA. Pay attention to their instructions, look at those before you start shopping so if a customer wants paper bags or stuff bagged in a certain way you will be able to see before you leave the store.

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