1. I know it's too op but think, isn't the phlog op too?

  2. No airblast makes it balanced - it's the scorch shot paired with the phlog that's evil

  3. Nah I'm just messin, pyro used to be my main until I started medic

  4. Those are good but use übersaw carefully :D? What if it crits when Im trying to use it carefully?

  5. Won't specifying celebrity encourage it to show photoshop artifacts? Seems to me it would throw off the anatomy a bit

  6. Post again but for people of legal drinking age in their country?

  7. That "spend a little extra" has to end somewhere - we ain't rich

  8. This looks either ai upscaled, ai generated, or there's a heavy sharpness filter applied

  9. Because you're taking steps to increase your privacy, which makes you look like a bot to Google

  10. Thanks for proof, this looks like a really cool project :)

  11. Sounds like a nice way to instantly screw my village if not careful upon discovery lol

  12. A relationship treated my depression but it did not cure it

  13. If they're >= 50th percentile on the leader board and there are no better power classes near me, yes

  14. Apotheosis is basically: rush the end to get really OP bookshelves. Kill a few HP tank bosses with water or 2 high block cheese, congratulations you are invincible and can one shot everything.

  15. This is why i have a dedicated junkmail address lmao

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