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  1. No it's a different subject matter, different sound, and less rap. More similar to Passion Pain and WZRD imo


  3. Yeah the merch line was terrible, missed almost all the performers because I was waiting in it for hours. We were in the last barricade and Ski mask came out so we said fuck it and just hopped the fence and booked it to see the show

  4. Nah, that was me in the mosh pit at Wheatland. Was looking for someone to turn up on that level like me.

  5. As someone who has worked at Krispy Kreme. I can tell you there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the kids watch the glazing part. (pause)

  6. Keep it pushin, we all start at zero. but on the upside, you now have a new streaming career thanks to Reddit. Enjoy the games, and have fun. :)

  7. “I live in California” thats all I needed to know

  8. Basically quit your bullshit. I'm not a landlord nor am I upset. I just think the OP is childish and wasteful and you are slightly deranged.

  9. I nuked like 10 to 20k into GME amc and doge pulling my money out every time I took a loss.

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