1. You know I don't know much about Baldur, so I couldn't come up with much character for him

  2. I do thank you for that, I'll figure out kinda my own thing for Baldur going off of God Of War and the norse myths themselves

  3. I get black beard is one piece reference but what is death a reference to

  4. I mainly used the assassin's creed for black beard, and for death it just a whole bunch of things, the main reference was puss in boots death with the eyes and the black fade on his face

  5. i was thinking more sett from egyptian mythology ,death is a force of nature and if you kill death all rounds after death are pointless nobody will die

  6. I kinda get ya, but this is the fighter my friend wanted and I plan to put the finishing move for each round I have to show the winner, some of the fights may seem unfair like the round 4 I plan to post but I ask the person who wanted the fighters who would win between the too and ask how close it'll be, I'll work on the finishing moves as soon as I finish the rest of the fighters

  7. Like, why is bruce lee the fighter fighting baphomet what there similarity or clashing differences.

  8. My coworker that wanted the fight wanted Bruce Lee to fight a demon, another reason is that there's not a whole lot of deity's that really run hands, he wanted Bruce Lee Vs Baphomet, and I didn't really question it

  9. k maybe put names at the top the screen so people know

  10. It shows the name in the text below the pictures, but alright

  11. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude, but I will try and add the names for the next one

  12. You sure, looks surprisingly like Fates Joan with the blonde hair and purple outfit

  13. I've never seen it, I'd assume she's blonde from deadliest warrior and other sources like the movie or family guy. but I added the blue cloth under the armor from the inspo from an MK OC with armor

  14. Really family guy and deadliest warrior were your sources. But actually Joan of Arc is depicted with dark hair in classical art

  15. I understand your point, however they change some of the designs of the characters in the anime as well, like how they got rid of Tesla's mustache, raidens body shape, Hercules with tattoos, etc etc but these are what my sister wanted, I asked her for what color hair if the fit works and all that.

  16. I think he will be the most durable out of the human roster knowhing what they had to do just to kill him.

  17. Ik, my sister is really looking forward to see Rasputin's fight

  18. I didn't notice 😅 it wasn't loading the post so i didn't know thanks for that

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