1. When gohan and goten accidentally bought pan with them when travelling back in time to beat Turles

  2. Do they just chuck in a DB history event when they don’t have ideas for content?

  3. Where can I find this dokkan battle? So I can avoid it of course

  4. On the contrary it's nice to get something different. Akatsuki just suck at hyping up the less popular parts of the series. The units will probs suffer due to teams but they do seem pretty good and fun to use

  5. It seems like the idea was half baked somewhat. I don't think the revival issues even occurred to them when they first released it. They gotta start playtesting this shit fr

  6. Gotta hand it to legends, Regeneration tag was a great idea. If only dokkan could take its category ideas from legends

  7. Yeah it’s crazy they just do maintenance without warning. If only there was some sort of a News system built in within the game to warn us about when they might occur. Million dollar idea right that, maybe I’ll write that on the next survey they do.

  8. Chill bro. Not everyone reads every news bulletin especially with that god awful UI

  9. That’s fine but maintenance news is posted in its own section so should never be missed by anyone that ‘cares’ about log in streaks. I can see missing other news because people don’t want to click and scroll and would rather ask the same questions over and over on these forums. But missing the maintenance one will get no sympathy

  10. That’s fair. Though I think it’s easy to forget after the initial viewing without some kind of Home Screen pop up reminding you of it. The small text in the news and again bad UI make it easy for it to go under the radar. They should overhaul the whole UI after 8 years now

  11. ‘We’re going to add more Gokus to the game. We hope you continue to enjoy playing dbz dokkan battle’

  12. sorry which evo blue vegeta? the agl or the int one?

  13. I just realised how badly I need this to be a unit. Hell give him a dokkan fest

  14. ‘Baffling’ pretty much sums up everything about Akatsuki lol

  15. Make YouTube videos and become bigger than Datruth with my godlike foresight of the game

  16. LR Chichi Kamehameha for a kiss about to go crazy. Seriously how did they mess up Goku so bad???

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