1. Basically what’s going on. They would be using a paralegal to do this work I’d assume otherwise.

  2. Honestly they probably had a paralegal do the prompts and then looked over and edited it themself

  3. That first vignette is probably my favorite short film ever (just for my personal tastes) and all the others are great.

  4. I recognize the music but I’m blanking. Definitely a game but which one?

  5. Interesting, what would you then suggest to someone that wanted to fight crime and make a difference?

  6. If you really want to reduce crime and do good, become a social worker or advocate for better social safety nets. Poverty is the one of biggest causes of most crime.

  7. I’ve been really digging Slay the Spire as a mobile game. It is like ten bucks though.

  8. It’s entirely obvious from the post that you don’t have the healthiest relationship without having to state it.

  9. Funny how like i’m a clown? I amuse you? I’m here to make you laugh? I’m here to fuckin amuse you? What do you mean funny? Funny how? How am I funny?

  10. He only acts like her when he's upset. When things are going well he's really lovely and kind. He gives a lot to this relationship as well

  11. Life is generally upsetting and he’s going to get upset a lot as the years go on. Do you want to put up with that every time he’s upset?

  12. avengers endgame has a 94% critics score on rotten tomatoes, 2001: a space odyssey has 92%, i do not trust these people

  13. Rotten Tomatoes is a terrible metric to use. Those percentages just mean what percentage of reviewers overall gave it a more positive than negative review.

  14. Question: are the nipples attached to titties? Cause if so I’m pretty sure most straight dudes will be very much into them.

  15. If I were interested in reading more about this conspiracy theory where would you recommend I start? I’m curious what sorts of sources you’re drawing from.

  16. Peter Hinwood was Rocky in the Rocky Horror Picture Show then did one more movie (entirely in Latin) and became an antiques dealer.

  17. I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to go to a hooters but tomboy hooters is the most tempting version I’ve heard of.

  18. Would be better for screening Joe dirt if it was more porch-like

  19. Can’t be near a river without thinking of that movie. Particularly “portage”

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