1. Đồng chí à. Cho mình xin chế meme ảnh #1, credit include.

  2. Cứ thoải mái đi, dù gì tôi cũng lấy ở trên Internet mà

  3. I wish I can have this in the next batch, but I don't think the Mod will allow it.

  4. Usually, in Vietnam, green socks and pants are part of a Policeman's uniform, so you can say that he's undercovered or his part-time job. Or maybe some dude's weird fashion...

  5. The white text is South Korean restaurant. But the green text is Chinese restaurant. I’m wondering what yellow and red texts are...

  6. You can clearly see that he doesn't live in a poor neighbourhood lol. Even if this isn't the city, it's close. I think you are underestimating the price of a "biệt thự", this one probably costs no less than 30 billion.

  7. can you break that price down for me at all? whats the total sqM. did it include bathroom fixtures and such?

  8. Yup, everything is around 800~850 mil Vietnam dong. We build it on our land, which was passed down by my grandfather. We also have another big yard and a small mountain behind the house.

  9. I'm confused about the Guy Fawkes mask wearing guys and the juicebox gamblers. What are they gambling?

  10. What am I missing in the 5th pic?

  11. Many people in Vietnam (including me) get to know BB and BCS through meme

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