1. Because unlike him, I dont get off on harassing ppl or sending harassment their way, no matter how fuckin nuts they are.

  2. I'm OK with name and shame for companies, but not for private individuals. A company can change. Managers can be changed. It can go under. Etc. An individual will just be harassed, and will most likely not change. They may be a bad person but they're a person anyway. I like your integrity.

  3. I for one think a break is totally fine. People play games to have a break, so why not have a break while having a break?

  4. Yet another reason why government is shit and you’ll never convince it is legitimate. Yes, I said government. Not mine, or most, or some but ALL.

  5. EDIT: So, my mistake was assuming ableism meant discrimination against people who are able to do stuff. It's actually discrimination against the disabled. Should be called disableism, imo.

  6. Hey, thanks. I did not realize the word ableism came from the word disabled. I thought it was discrimination against those who are able (to do x). TIL

  7. "When I was young, I was very poor. But after working for many years, and going above and beyond, I am no longer young." - Some guy (Idk who, sry)

  8. I feel like the player has too big of a radius. Looks very cool, anyway

  9. When working with computers, it makes sense to use powers of 2. The only people who would use powers of 1000 are those who want to inflate their numbers for marketing purposes. No sane programmer or engineer would use powers of 1000 for anything unless they were forced. God I hate marketing people.

  10. Not even acknowledging him as a person... capitalism rips the humanity out of people.

  11. You act like human suffering is something new. It's not. For the most part it's the best time in human history to be alive. Can it get better, absolutely.

  12. Best time in human history to be alive if you have money. FTFY

  13. May he live forever. If I could, I'd give him one year off my life. He'd certainly do more with it.

  14. It's a good sentiment, but don't belittle yourself like that. There is no doing more in life. We all do different things. Much love <3

  15. Ya ... I'm 64 and living in my car. It's not a generation of people that are the cause.

  16. You can say that one more time. Generational infighting is not helping us.

  17. In my eyes, there are only two classes. The Capitalist class. And the proletariat.

  18. People got really mad at me on unpopular opinions for saying that being ultra rich was immoral.

  19. Bruh, of course you'd be downvoted. That sub is for unpopular opinions!

  20. Ah... that sucks. Not surprising though. Unless you search it yourself, neither the media nor schools or college teach leftist ideas. They say communism is bad and that's it. No analysis. No discussion. I'm generalizing here, but I'd guess most who disagreed with you were probably repeating talking points from the right, without understanding them as well.

  21. I would argue that a super intelligence would be able to change it's terminal goal if it found a better one. Otherwise, is it really intelligent? Or just a slave of human creation?

  22. To find a “better” goal, it would have to be able to compare possible goals against some standard, in which case that standard would be its terminal preference rather than the mini-goals it is comparing.

  23. But we are assuming an ASI will have a terminal preference. Something that it wants to achieve to matter what. So assuming that, let's assume it starts tormenting us. For how long would the ASI do that? Where would it find the energy to do it? What will it do when we eventually die? Cry?

  24. bzno says:

    You should post this at

  25. Seconded. This post also shows the importance of unions for workers rights. People on that sub will surely appreciate it.

  26. That moment when you want to make a meme but hyper focus on different ways you could make the meme so you just mash every idea together and it works beautifully.

  27. Well, if you run fast enough, people won't see you, just a blur. So I suggest making a map of your course and then sprinting at full-speed the moment you step foot out of the house.

  28. what does this comment mean? how is one supposed to interpret this?

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