1. He’s like “nobody’s stopping me from getting my methadone”

  2. Words of wisdom. I'm just tired of taking a shit, pulling up Reddit, and having some

  3. Wrong I also don’t like Hans Tony or redban. I watch the show because I hate myself. Molly V gets pulled outta the bucket I do crack a smile

  4. Quentin and David Lucas started fist fighting after David said Quentin looked like a gay cowboy. I’m surprised it caught qt so far off guard because That’s Dave’s go to

  5. The entire sets for David Lucas he is just clicking away at his pen in nervousness because he knows Lucas is the only person who’s quicker off the cuff than he is at roasting

  6. David Lucas is almost as over rated as he is over weight

  7. Here is both full videos compiled into one. Pop Smoke waited 7 years to get his revenge

  8. All I saw was three grown men not being able to pull 1 person outside after sucker punching him

  9. College? Mf theres children making millions opening toys. These idiots sadly will be fine

  10. So it’s only bad when they do it to foreign maids? Saudi Arabia is notorious for being horrible to women.

  11. You’re going to eat 10.5 grams? Might as well pick a playlist if those shrooms are even decent you’re gonna be gone for a long time

  12. Bunch of “thugs” only stupid criminals get caught. You know the type to record themselves doing an assault… in jail

  13. It’s Halloween. People always dress up as evil shit on Halloween it’s not like it’s Christmas and he’s wearing this.

  14. Explain the difference between red and blue to a blind person.

  15. Ahhh NYC where you can walk passed homeless people shitting in the streets, gang members trying to rob you and people willing to stab you to death for nothing. Don’t forget the millionaires that could care less than run that shit hole of a state. It’s not better here in cali but at least I’m my county you’re safe for the most part.

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