1. He showed her picture to all his fans online and you're calling deepika a stranger 🤣 sure thing

  2. It's not rocket science . they buried their hatchet a decade ago and that's when they came up with yjhd lol Now move on and let's celebrate bunny and naina

  3. Alia is a good actress but she should learn the art of keeping things subtle and alter per character .This type of crying face and acting is what makes her look like a clown in scenes and takes away the seriousness of the character. And why should every character cry in the similar fashion.Deepika cries differently in different films .

  4. She brings herself while crying. Forgetting that different characters emote differently.

  5. And it's a mandatory thing more like a project make Alia breakdown aggressively because they think it worked once in Kapoor and sons , so it's gonna work everytime. Most of her films won't age well because of these cringe crying scenes (im talking about the generations to come )

  6. I hope someday Kat vicky pc kartik kangana also get exposed . They are all older than they claim . Atleast by 2-3 years each

  7. Also Bhushan Kumar's wife reduced some 5 years 🤣

  8. Whatever she said is what happens in real world and people with real concerns .She has help and money but she wants to not miss her child's important years and that's what most women do and that's why it is important to be fully prepared before becoming a mother . You shouldn't even try getting pregnant if you're not prepared for that level of responsibility

  9. Alia is playing the big game . She won't spare anyone in this vile game of fame . Not even her husband . She is already marketing their daughter too much at public events which isn't necessary

  10. Priyanka cheated on shahid with you know who Kareena cheated on shahid with saif

  11. Kat must have complained like she did from the sets of Namaste London 🤣

  12. This 🙏please may the film gods bless us with this pair

  13. Alia hooked up with Ranbir's best friends Adi and Arjun in the past and his best friend Rohan Dhawan's brother Varun is a known fact

  14. Reshma shetty is a toxic woman and goes after the rivals of her clients who might be a threat in the future or already are . She managed Salman for many years and changed his image from being a toxic boyfriend and his criminal charges to being a bhaijaan. She also made big boss happen after his massive success with dus ka dum .

  15. Alia bhatt's first three relationships in bollywood after Soty with Arjun Kapoor , Varun Dhawan and hookup with Adi Roy in 2017

  16. Why is Karan Yash Johar so obsessed with Cheating ?

  17. Ranbir Deepika Katrina Kareena Rani Aishwariya can't relate to this . That's why they are top movie stars .

  18. Alia murdered the song and Varun as his usual self

  19. It worked on my sister . woke people should stay away honestly

  20. Oh she is very curious. She monitors and watches everything others do. Almost everything about herself is curated based on what worked for other actresses - Kareena, Deepika, Kat, Anushka. Not a bad thing, she has made it work for her. Just that she has zero personality, uniqueness and is always changing what others have earned for themselves. Funny thing is this is exactly what RK said he doesn't want in a partner :P

  21. This is the problem with Katrina Egoistic Kaif . She just doesn't listen . Akshay has done that twice with Katrina and a lot of other actors .

  22. There was little to no chemistry even after almost eating each other up in those Gullyboy kissing scenes . He had much better and hot chemistry with Kalki and also Vijay Verma . Maybe there is an issue with Alia sometimes . She always only created magic with Varun and nobody else . But in kalank there was again nothing happening between them . They were statues and Alia was only tearing up all the time . Alia in her last 6 releases had better chemistry with Vicky Kaushal .

  23. Problem isn't editing . Problem is her preaching while doing all this

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