1. I mean saitama has some gag type of feats and we have yet to see his true potential so idk

  2. This. We really have to wait until OPM is over to truly gauge Saitama's full potential. There's no doubt that the battle with God is going to be 1000x crazier than the Cosmic Garou fight, so it's still rather pointless to use Saitama in these match-ups.

  3. It's King Ghidorah, only the size of a planet and with arms.

  4. I think God will the first opponent to hurt Saitama and actually make him bleed. The excitement that Saitama gets from being damaged for the first time will make him horrendously powerful (his power increases with emotion) and they will have a gigantic battle that will destroy all of reality.

  5. Being tortured by a Latin American drug gang.

  6. I am not bi or gay, but bi and gay guys hitting on me time to time. Dont ask why, I have no idea.

  7. "Hey bro, you look hot. Would you mind fucking my brains out?"

  8. saitama murders goku and not even the dragon balls would be able to bring him back.

  9. Do you mean this Goku in particular or just Goku in general all the way up to DBS?

  10. LiveLeak had some pretty messed up videos back in the day, some that will forever be etched in my memory.

  11. I've seen the second video you described and there is undoubtedly a VIP section in Hell for the execrable wastes of matter that did such a thing to that trusting and unsuspecting dog. It just let out a few halfhearted barks before succumbing to the pain with blood pouring from its face. It was one of the few times where a video genuinely pissed me the fuck off.

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