1. I have pots and severe gastroparesis and sometimes pass out from pain while extremely nauseous, or when I stand up because of pots, but it feels different each time. When I stand up to fast or get out of bed my body feels extremely heavy, my head starts spinning and my vision goes white, if I don't completely pass out I just fall down for a few seconds and wait until my vision returns. When I pass out from pain I'm usually EXTREMELY nauseous and pass out right after throwing up or if I don't throw up I eventually pass out from the pain and continue the pattern of waking up and passing out until the nausea eases down, but when I pass out from pain it feels like I just fall asleep instantly, like I'll be exhausted for a minute or two despite dry heeving only a moment before and then I'll wake up 30 minutes later just to repeat that same process. If your suspecting pots I'd recommend going to a cardiologist or speaking to your primary doctor about it and they can recommend doctors and places to go for testing. But that's just my experience with passing out lol

  2. I got the dilation and botox in October and felt pretty much the same as you do, but the pain only lasted about a week, after that I was back to my normal pain. It also didn't help me or improve any symptoms either, my GI doctor said the surgery failed if I didn't feel improvement immediately, but I hope you feel better soon, wishing you the best!

  3. A flare up usually depends on the person and how severe your gastroparesis is, for me this flare up I've been in has lasted over a year, but I can't say the same for you. It's best to stay as hydrated as you can for now and keep in contact with your doctor, starting a soft/liquid diet as soon as possible also eases the pain substantially. And of course if it gets to painful or you cant eat for multiple days go to the hospital. I wish you the best of luck and I'm not the best with advice so these are the most basic things you can do for now, but either way I hope you feel better soon and that the flare up doesn't last to long!!

  4. Forgot to mention but the conditions I'm currently diagnosed with are Gastroparesis, Eds type 3, pots, and there's a pending diagnosis for dysautonomia which I'm still being tested for, but in the past 3 years I've had like 7 procedures and tests were they've put me under, and a whole array of invasive and painful tests which really hasn't helped my mental health, all of my specialists have recommended seeing a behavioral psychiatrist because of all the god awful shit thats happened in the past 3 years. But yeah I guess that's my story so far I didn't mean for it to be long I just wanted to vent a little and see if anyone else has had similar experiences

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