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  1. Long story short: There is a AU fan comic of RWBY called Henceforward.

  2. You guys are aware that the guy on the left is an actual cannibal right

  3. This sounds like those kids might be MJ's, and that she really did have them during the Marv Wolfman run like some fans have theorized. In other words, that Wells gave MJ her own Sins Past.

  4. Naruto Uzumaki. The children's fear of Naruto will help keep bullies away from Izuku and Naruto would appreciate a bright friend like Izuku. They'd help each other out.

  5. I think that if Naruto was in the world of MHA he would have a Quirk similar to Dark Shadow and people would fear him for it, calling him villain

  6. I think that Izuku needs a friend that should be more witty and laid back and to some degree not take shit from others

  7. I would love to see the same thing with Ritsuka and Shirou

  8. Imagine if 2B and 9S found an iPod with a all Linkin Park songs, i would love to see their reactions

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