1. They thought they were only acting... and they were right 😔

  2. Not pop but I'm pretty sure someone on the writing staff for Riverdale has the same taste in musical theatre as me because they keep putting cuts from fairly obscure musicals onto that show. Like,

  3. This is more of a general note about the sub but I wish more people would make [DISCUSSION] posts, it feels like we go days without them.

  4. things have really gotten soooo much better even in the last 20-30 years tbh. like within my lifetime i've been sold a turkey sandwich as a "vegetarian option" and now there's so much legitimate excitement for plant based cooking :)

  5. So musicians should all have a secondary income? I hope you have never complained about nepotism babies or industry plants.

  6. I never said that, I’m just explaining why many artists would want to make a choice that isn’t solely motivated by maximizing profits.

  7. I've been a fan since their first single dropped last year and it's cool that we finally have an album, and a cute one at that!

  8. I don’t get why people call the MCU sexless. Like I saw a tweet complaining about how “sexless” and “puritanical” the MCU was and…huh? Like yeah there isn’t graphic sex in it but it’s not like there’s no sex in it ever. I guess you can argue it has a pretty juvenile treatment of sexuality but I don’t see how they’re any more juvenile than most pg13 action comedies. It just seems like a weird thing to get hung up on.

  9. It's a weird criticism because they're based off of mainstream superhero comics, which aren't really known for being sexed up and often take more of a "wink wink nudge nudge" approach. I'm not sure what the "appropriate" level of sexuality for a superhero story even is.

  10. I didn’t even mind the songs themselves but what started getting to me is how in all the songs/dance numbers the animation was really smooth but the whole time regardless of movement every character still had their lifeless one expression that they always do for some reason. Like the animators never draw their eyes doing anything but looking forward fully wide open and it kind of started weirding me out, esp in the number where all the carnies sing about Mr Fischoeder. They’re all like angry and jumping around but their eyes never change lol

  11. The song and dance numbers were also weird because they're "choreographed" as if they're being viewed on the stage so they just feel weirdly flat, they could really take more advantage of being animated.

  12. Wasn't sure how this collab would sound but they killed it, they bounce back and forth off the beat so well and I love how they don't let up for even a second. Looks in the video are gorgeous, kinda got a '00s movie throwback vibe but I think that's in right now.

  13. I'm hoping for the exact same. This is an amazing R&B/Pop collaboration between a household name in R&B and a newcomer who's very successful for someone who has such a short career. I hope it does numbers.

  14. Making Summer do choreography with Ciara was a bit of a setup but at least she made it through that one-two step lol

  15. Just finished I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy, here's some revelations I don't think were mentioned during the press tour.

  16. i like the melodies and the production but some of the lyrics are HELLA corny. makes the project unenjoyable for me but maybe i'm the wrong demographic lol

  17. I agree, the material is there but the lyrics are giving "teen girl writing in her diary" (literally, that's her Spotify bio).

  18. Kinda funny that they're releasing this now considering that a lot of the cast members on this recording just left the production a few weeks ago

  19. what do you mean?? like left left??? in anger???

  20. No, they were just bigger names so they’ve cycled out of the production to work on other projects.

  21. Not my favorite from them, I like the songwriting but something is off about the production of the vocals? Not sure what it is but it doesn't sound right.

  22. Honestly out of all takes the dumbest take on Blonde is the girl on twitter who said JCO had no business writing about Marilyn since JCO isn’t “a hottie”😂

  23. The new episode of Drag Race Philippines was good but kinda uncomfortable?

  24. I can't even tell if that's a real cupcake song or a cupcake remix anymore 😭

  25. Google is shutting down their game streaming service Stadia and will be refunding users for hardware and software purchases...

  26. Well damn...just started using it a month ago and bought Cyberpunk 2077 on sale...glad Im not super far into the game. Ugh.

  27. You can still access your library of games free until the service shuts down and if I'm reading their press release right, you'll get your money back too? So really it's like you just got a really strange free trial.

  28. This is a good song but I kinda have the same problem that I had with the Pokemon 25 album, it's just kinda a generic feel good song. I'm still waiting for someone to have the audacity release a song that actually name drops some Pokemon! Sample

  29. This record really shows off how soulful Demi's voice can be, and the production elevates their sound even more. My favorite songs have to be "Only Forever" and "Crybaby"—those will never get old! Tell Me You Love Me was also my gateway to Kehlani, and for that, I will always be grateful 🙏🏾

  30. I kept pushing for the rate to have Rare replaced with LM5, another album from the same timeframe that had a similar vibe/audience and is more evenly matched, but it lacked the "Ex-Act" branding so I get why the idea never got traction.

  31. Ranking artists I’ve seen in concert:

  32. Omg wait what Rhiannon Giddens do to get the bottom spot?

  33. Does anyone know of songs that are distinctly pop while also using organic instrumentation? Kinda like Hillary Duff's

  34. Love these two, I remember at the end of last season they were like "I know we always disappear between seasons but we're not gonna disappear this time" and then they like... did, but I guess now we know why!

  35. The director of Blonde gave a very misogynistic and condescending interview about Marilyn Monroe where he said no one watches her

  36. This is so wild because many of her most iconic roles are from comedies that are considered classics... has he never heard of Some Like It Hot? Hell, has he never heard "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend?"

  37. The interviewer said he loved

  38. Please, just do what the other brands do and release an electropop banger the gays will stream ironically.

  39. The fact that Dragula’s prize money for season 4 was the same as Drag Race’s at the time (though it has since gone up) was crazy! The first season’s prize was literally crowdfunded on Kickstarter so they’ve come a long way

  40. "The winner of the Boulet Brothers Dragula will receive $25,000 courtesy of us" what a power move

  41. i dont think that movie companies even know what bloopers are 💀 every "blooper" is just actors making cringe jokes and faces. its like that all is part of their contracts and even then they have to act lmao

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