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  1. Yeah I thought she was a little bland at first, but when she started interacting with Scotty and Julia she got much better. Those three were hilarious together!

  2. Also by Billie: "Solitude." That song could make Pollyanna jump out the window.

  3. My thoughts too, like in the same breath Nikolas said he’s willing to give the marriage a second chance, and then he told Ava it’s time to get the divorce they’ve put aside for months (?) now. Doesn’t really bode well, but I’d imagine it’s ripe for what Esme & Ryan had in mind for their plan, for which I’m still a bit OOTL on it, but catching up to speed.

  4. What's the real reason Esme didn't tell Ava right away? She doesn't love Spencer or Nic, and she wants to please her father, so why wait?

  5. I'm getting the feeling that Michael's plan to take down Sonny is going to backfire spectacularly. I think, while Michael and Drew are trying to merge their companies to oust Valentin, I think Sonny is going to make a move to prevent that and takeover ELQ for himself. I can just imagine Michael walking into his old office, and the chair slowly turns around, revealing Sonny is the new CEO.

  6. I'm hoping Michael will go too far and Sonny will have no choice but to put a hit out on him.

  7. They need to stop with the temporary casting. Several key moments in the plot have been ruined by unfamiliar faces.

  8. So you’d have to stop actor illness, like Covid, and injuries.

  9. There are plenty of ways to schedule production around emergencies, if they had a competent stage manager.

  10. Ava needs professional instruction and a lot more range time.

  11. She shot and killed Connie. She's a former mob princess.

  12. You would think Amy would have something to do right now considering they are a nurse down.

  13. Isn't this a huge conflict of interest for Diane? If I was Sonny I would fire her ass.

  14. Why does Michael care that Sonny isn't backing him? He was the one going around proclaiming that he doesn't need Sonny and that he's going to reform the Corinthos name. So he should be glad that Sonny isn't on his side.

  15. I'm hoping Michael will go too far and Sonny will have to put a hit out on him.

  16. So will Liz's "stalking" issue have anything to do with the random Jeff mentions since November or not? 🤔

  17. The psychic. She and Laura acted like they knew each other but I can't remember from what storyline.

  18. Chelsea was to first to let Laura know that Nikolas was alive.

  19. I’ve got to say, Gladys is actually becoming a likable character for me. Yes, she likes a free lunch but she has been there for Sasha. It seems like the writers have reigned in her selfishness and have made her behavior more of a typical MIL, playing on her in unsophistication and comedy.

  20. It's cool that she's not all bad. She does layers very well.

  21. Ned ran a record company for years, but he has no media experience?

  22. The Micheal character is very very close to making me not watch anymore. He is truly unbearable. He needs to be knocked down real soon or his petulant borish asshole behavior will really start to alienate viewers.

  23. I guess Felicia and Nina can further bond on giving birth to evil female children and not remembering it.

  24. If Esme is Felicia and Ryan's, then she would be much older. What do they call SORASing in reverse?

  25. Ryan was a doctor and Felicia lost her memory. He could have stolen her eggs without her knowing.

  26. So Esme is another Charlotte? That storyline was stupid the first time around.

  27. But can rent a room at the metro court instead of staying a her man. ????? Makes sense for a woman struggling financially lol

  28. And why didn't she just stay with her kids at Laura's house?

  29. I hate that they killed Harmony just so Carly can have a new storyline.

  30. Michael: "It's okay not to know sometimes." No Michael, that is never okay!

  31. What is with these Jones women? Felicia is all like "you never had a child of your own" and "I wonder what it would be like to raise a child together?" How dare you?!

  32. Of course the security cameras couldn't reach Elizabeth's room

  33. And isn't that the whole reason she went there? Because of the security?

  34. DID from Jeff Webber abusing her as a child. They seem determined to ruin every core family I've ever loved

  35. yeah, I don't know how you dig yourself out of this one. Once we found out SHE killed Neil...yep, byebye, prob gotta die.

  36. Agreed. The great acting on this show goes a long way in making these plots somehow believable.

  37. Alexis the lawyer/publisher doesn't have a paper shredder in her house?

  38. Poor Harmony. Every time someone asks her a simple question, she looks like a deer in the headlights.

  39. Poor Harmony. Every time someone asks her a simple question, she looks like a deer in the headlights.

  40. Why do the Cassadines think that Esme will be safe at Windemere? Didn't Sonny and his goons just walk in and rough Nicolas up not that long ago?

  41. At this point Nikolas is choosing to ruin his marriage

  42. He's never been the brightest Cassadine but he's never been this stupid.

  43. Laura: "Hey Spencer, you are out of jail. I would celebrate or say I am glad, or claim I care about you. But I have a meeting on parking meter stickers, so bye."

  44. Agreed. I think if their storyline didn’t start out so icky, I could see Nina being his partner in old age. Brenda was the fiery true love of his life who he met when he was young, and Carly was who he started a family with but he doesn’t have chemistry with LW, IMO.

  45. You mean when she was young. Sonny is at least 15 years older than Brenda.

  46. Did MB just look off to the side to read cue cards?

  47. I think Jeff is going to finally show up, probably at Monica's staff party.

  48. "I'm gonna shove coal so far up your stocking you'll be coughing up diamonds!"

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