1. I just saw the picture. Check out the muzzleloader forum to search for a black powder gunsmith. Might just be cheaper to buy a barrel.

  2. A new barrel and frame is worth more than the guns itself.

  3. Crap, you’re right. I forgot the pins were broken out of the frame. Glue it up and make it a wallhanger?

  4. Maybe lmao, I really want it fixed thought because it was my grandfathers, and I enjoy shooting it. I think I may have found a gunsmith near me, so I’m gonna call there and see. Thanks!

  5. Our cocker does this as well! Alice is so cute!

  6. I did take a screenshot, but didn’t know how to put the screenshot on my phone as when I checked the screenshots on steam, I didn’t see it there. Thanks!

  7. Really nice prop! The only thing I can complain about is the trigger not being accurate as the hammer is cocked back but the trigger is still as if it wasn’t. Hope that made sense. Keep it up!

  8. Yeah i spent a while trying to make the part movable in an editor but i just kept crashing so i left it

  9. Ah alright, got you. It doesn’t really matter that much anyways as not many would notice it unless they’re gun nerds. Really good prop!

  10. The “bolt” (cylinder stop) is meant to scrap across the cylinder on these single actions.

  11. Does this happen when you run steam in admin mode as well?

  12. Running as administrator did not fix and I can not uninstall and reinstall steam without deleting the games I have

  13. I have this problem too, so I'ma sit here and wait for answers as well( altho I didn't try looking up how to fix this because I assume it's the steam doesn't support windows seven anymore? Correct me if I'm wrong thanks)

  14. Haha I don’t blame you lmao. Yah I’ve looked it up, just never contacted steam support.

  15. I never thought of engraving. How would I do that? Thanks!

  16. Here it is: YQSABER RGB Light Saber, 12 Colors Changeable Light Sabers with Metal Hilt, Support Heavy Dueling, Force FX Saber for Adults, FOC Function, 9W LED,5 Sounds Fonts (Black)

  17. First gen Chrysler 200. 2012 ish. The one that looks like the old Sebring.

  18. damn son, that quick? You are correct.

  19. Lol I had a 300, Chryslers all seemed to have that style of fog lamp at that time.

  20. I can’t do whatever I want, if I cry I get beaten up and lose all my friends

  21. It is okay to cry. I don’t know why people think guys aren’t allowed to cry, imo that’s kinda fucked up. I wish that I could cry more, but I don’t cry that much, and I feel like it’s not healthy for me. My boyfriend cries a bit, but I’ve kinda been feeling like a dick for not crying too, and to that guy saying it’s not okay to cry as a guy, you’re wrong. It doesn’t show weakness, if anything not crying is a weakness. Imo it should be socially acceptable to cry as a guy. (I am a guy)

  22. This happened to me too, I thought I was mostly straight but then my now boyfriend told me he liked me, and I instantly fell in love. He is the only person I actually love. I hope you two are happy.

  23. Hi, I downloaded gm_bigcity and a couple other maps the other day and they were working just fine with no problems at all, but now they are not working at all. They show a lot of missing textures and I don’t understand why. Thanks!

  24. Did you mess with the game files or texture replacements in any way.

  25. Yah, why buy one when you can make one? Cool as shit man. Could never do this myself.

  26. For future reference. Can you see that the problem icon has a sick face and a water glass? That’s telling you it’s drinking water pollution. Chirps might also mention it. You also see a sick face and a barrel for ground pollution, and a sick face wearing earmuffs for noise pollution.

  27. Yes, I noticed that right after I posted this. Thanks though!

  28. What is the map btw It because of water

  29. I’m probably wrong, but this rifle is the closest thing that I could find to your rifle, and I am not an expert on muzzleloading rifles, so don’t take my word on it. Link:

  30. Is that one originally that clean or do you think its been cleaned up real good?

  31. It’s probably been cleaned extensively or just kept in really good condition.

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