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  1. This happened to me too, I thought I was mostly straight but then my now boyfriend told me he liked me, and I instantly fell in love. He is the only person I actually love. I hope you two are happy.

  2. Hi, I downloaded gm_bigcity and a couple other maps the other day and they were working just fine with no problems at all, but now they are not working at all. They show a lot of missing textures and I don’t understand why. Thanks!

  3. Did you mess with the game files or texture replacements in any way.

  4. Yah, why buy one when you can make one? Cool as shit man. Could never do this myself.

  5. For future reference. Can you see that the problem icon has a sick face and a water glass? That’s telling you it’s drinking water pollution. Chirps might also mention it. You also see a sick face and a barrel for ground pollution, and a sick face wearing earmuffs for noise pollution.

  6. Yes, I noticed that right after I posted this. Thanks though!

  7. What is the map btw It because of water

  8. I’m probably wrong, but this rifle is the closest thing that I could find to your rifle, and I am not an expert on muzzleloading rifles, so don’t take my word on it. Link:

  9. Is that one originally that clean or do you think its been cleaned up real good?

  10. It’s probably been cleaned extensively or just kept in really good condition.

  11. I drink monster everyday so this is the color of my pee

  12. It’s fake. They stole the pic off Facebook.

  13. Im pretty sure he even stole the title from another post about a guy and his bf too

  14. Yah that’s me. Thanks for telling me.

  15. Why would I do that? Especially for some random person on the internet.

  16. I don’t have to do anything for you.

  17. Doesn't matter which brand? Because I found out that they don't make Pyrodex FFF and are moving to TripleSeven FFF.

  18. Pyrodex is called “P” for pistols. Pyrodex P is the equivalent of 3F, because it is a substitute.

  19. My best friend is a guy and we watch movies together all the time.

  20. Bro on god, that’s all i listen to now.

  21. One of the pins of the pistol broke a few months back and I didn’t see it as too much of a problem because It would be fine to shoot as long as one of the pins was still good, but now the other one has broken off! So what am I supposed to do??? Do I need a new frame and barrel? Can I get these out somehow and get new ones??? Please help!

  22. Pyrodex pistol powder. Usually use 30 grains.

  23. The fffg type right? Do you know if different powder types produce bigger smoke clouds? Ands that a .44 cal right?

  24. Nah you’re fine man, nothing to be sorry for. Yes this is Pyrodex P powder, but a have shot real black powder in it, and personally I haven’t noticed any more or less smoke in the air with Pyrodex than I have with real blackpowder. Now my grandfather, who gave me the gun, says that real blackpowder creates more smoke but I haven’t noticed a difference at all. Yes it is a .44 as this is the 1860.

  25. One is a Heritage Rough Rider and the other is a Heritage Barkeep.

  26. No problem! They’re nice little guns to just go plink with!

  27. Did you put a different front sight blade on your 1860? It looks different than mine.

  28. It was bought custom. It has a trigger/spring job and engraving on side of barrel and different sights.

  29. That’s cool man! I did see the engraving on the barrel. Nice!

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