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  1. Couldnt have it even if i wanted to 😎👍

  2. Colt 1860 Army Pietta Replica, and thanks!

  3. Why does this 1851 have a squared trigger guard? Never seen that on an 1851.

  4. Its 1851 made by colt manufacture „2nd generation” in 1976. Its not replica.

  5. Okay so if you have ever been down south, that flag means different things. You are using the same logic of “ALL REPUBLICANS LOVE TRUMP AND ALL REPUBLICANS ARE RACIST.” THATS not true. I personally would never fly a confederate flag, but I’m from Iowa, and it has a meaning to me that resonates with slavery. However, if you have ever been down south, like where OP lives, this flag is synonymous with freedom for some. Many people in these areas did not agree with slavery. Your world needs to get a little bigger. OP is telling you he/she didn’t agree with slavery. That should be enough for you. Plus this is not a place for politics. We are a happy RDR2 loving bunch here.

  6. Thank you. All I wanted to do was post a friendly post asking why Charles was still here and it turned into this shit.

  7. I think I was 14 as well when I ordered my first six shooter for $80 from sportsman’s guide back in the mid-80s. There was no Internet back then. What do you had to do was sign on the little line stating you were 18 or older and they sent it to you lol.

  8. I think I’m just going to use regular caps, just gotta find them though. That’s cool man, blackpowder is a fun sport! My grandfather gave me my 1860 Army!

  9. Your welcome. You can find them at Dollar Stores just to let you know.

  10. Yup, I can find them in the gas station in my town!

  11. Personally, I’d get a .36. It’s more historically accurate, it has little recoil and doesn’t have that step up in the cylinder. If you want a .44, I’d get an 1860 Army.

  12. Yes it is, I completely forgot about that.

  13. Personally, I would get the .36 1851, but that’s just me

  14. No, they just used it like that so it could be more dramatic and it was a lot easier to load that having to load a real 1851 navy.

  15. Fallout: New Vegas And Red Dead Redemption 2. Can’t choose between them.

  16. i was born in 07, i also grew up with minecraft, fnaf, and all the other stuff

  17. I swear man, I hate that shit. People always talk about how good tik tok is but it’s not even that good. My childhood is fnaf and Minecraft, fuck TikTok and all that other shit.

  18. Nice man! Beautiful gun! I have a Colt 1860 Army! Blackpowder is really a work of art!

  19. They’re both beautiful cats! You can’t pick!

  20. 👍 cap & ball firearms are alot of fun to shoot. Pictures look great. Just went to the range on Wednesday and shot my 1861 Navy

  21. Cool man! Percussion firearms are super fun! And I got this particular one from my grandfather! It is an 1860 Colt Army.

  22. I'd love to try this, but I'm nervous. How was it making them, and how did they shoot?

  23. I haven’t shot them yet I will get back to you tomorrow after I’ve shot them. But they were relatively simple to make, it took me a couple try’s to get it right, but after I did that it was smooth sailing. Here’s a video on how to make them:

  24. I put it in a cart. Need to decide if it's worth diverting about $50 from my "new computer" fund together a set. Probably, since my 6 shooters are my favorite toys I never get to use. No good shooting areas where I live that I have found. I'd HAPPILY buy a few acres just for a BP range if I had the funds.

  25. I don’t know that I would recommend them. I may have done it wrong but my cartridges fell apart after a while. They also seemed to be less powerful than just pouring them in the cylinder, with both 30 grain charges.

  26. Mario kart 8, I’m getting killed by Mario…

  27. Buy pyrodex. You can get it shipped to your house without hazmat fee from Cabela’s

  28. I thought pyrodex is unsuitable for flintlocks

  29. Ok, I just looked it up, it is not, for some reason it will not light, I apologize as I don’t own a flintlock. I assumed it would work because I didn’t know it wouldn’t light. I am sorry if I misguided you in anyway.

  30. Simple solution, don’t fan. These guns shouldn’t be fanned they should be taken care of. Fanning may damage the action. Just don’t do it.

  31. ofc ofc. I don't do this regularly, I just noticed Cap gun caps fit, and because they aren't designed to flair out when fired, they don't jam up the cylinder. I fanned just for this video

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