1. Lol looks like I have an extra 1-2 copies then! So will people include the single Dorugreymon and a single copy of DexDoruGreymon? Or do you think they'll axe it entirely from the Alphamon build?

  2. I just like opening boosters so why not buy boosters that will help the Deck :D BTW not planning on buying a whole Box Just like 4-5 boosters or so

  3. Man, finally we have Bagramon. 5 sets after it was name dropped. And it doesn´t dissapoint. That removal effect is hella strong. I don´t think the first effect is particularly strong, though, unless Bagra Army gets more discard effects as hand sizes tend to be large in this game.

  4. I think we'll have to see if the new OmniShoutmon and ZekeGreymon have powerful inheritable effects to compensate what is just a singular pop and big numbers.

  5. Honestly, the "got lucky" classification really annoys me cuz its inaccurate and rude.

  6. I'd class tier 2 or 3 as Rogue. Rogue implies that it can still perform well in events against certain tier 1 decks if the pilot is good. A random deck that barely ever performs well isn't something I'd call a rogue deck. Its a deck that happened to top 1 time in the last 3 weeks and isn't indicative of the meta game.

  7. I still think "got lucky" is incredibly disrespectful to good pilots that clearly know what they are doing if they are topping big events as your chart is showing.

  8. i think the baby teleported itself away, homelander never cared about that baby.

  9. Im really hoping that since they're going in on Gaogamon cards that they'll use this set to introduce Burst Modes.

  10. It'll likely dip, but Wargrey can still tangle in BT10 via the new omnimon x-antibody. It's just not as strong as other decks but it's still able to win games in the coming formats for BT10/EX3.

  11. Red base Gaiomon can also keep up really well, since the deck to beat is heavily tamer focused and black war can clear out the tamers with Xros Materials underneath.

  12. While Loki was kind of an anti hero in the MCU at that point, the Loki in the show was from a much earlier point in the timeline when he still would have been quite evil. The writing doesn’t have him act even remotely close to how he should be. What made MCU Loki a great villain is that his progression into an anti hero feels well-developed and earned.

  13. Nah, but theres that one scene where he got to watch everything MCU loki went through.

  14. They let Toph detect Gaara and his sand even when they were in the air, even though the show made it clear she is useless against airborne targets. And for some reason she was more capable ith sand than Gaara

  15. This is not true about Gaara, he created an image of his mother, has sealing techniques with sand, can create a clone, and has magnetic release sand. The fact he fought Momoshiki with the other Kage should put him vastly above anything Toph has done.

  16. Ultimate Echo Echo. He can basically fight you without fighting you and can probably fly almost as fast as Jetray cause Sonic wave stuff.

  17. Isnt jetray like stupid fast? Like FTL from that one episode that they really should have used to introduce an Ultimate Jetray for that exact feat.

  18. Ima be real with you, If you have a problem spending 5$ on a card, then this hobby isnt for you.

  19. Oh absolutely breakdramon's best effect is also it's inheritable no sense putting it in needless danger. I played Beelstar and Beelzemon best so I'm used to control in a sense but I did terribly with bond of friendship so blue control has always been a weird and confusing playstyle for me.

  20. In the case of Exa, always swing with him last, and only swing while Evade is live.

  21. DeathXmon. I had a feeling it would get hit since the moment it got announced.

  22. I wouldn´t disagree with you that hard if Dexmon wasn´t partially purple and thus able to be recurred easily if needed. Crazy card in my Musketeers list.

  23. Have you played the blue package before? I was debating on whether to stick to black or do this hybrid version, as the upside of Kaiser Nail triggers seems really good. With Modokai as a floodgate and Bukamon to make Kaiser Nail better, seemed like a decent budget way to slow down the opponent and make bigger, wider plays that can reset Machinedramon.

  24. Ok thanks! But my lighdramon in Breeding area is enough to use megadeath right? I really dont know.

  25. After recalibrating, the Omnitrix fixed a glitch it had which forgot to add the alien instincts to Ben's mind so he knows the alien's basic abilities. That's how he came up with the name, he knew the alien cane from a swamp as the Omnitrix told him and he knew he shot fire due to the same reason.

  26. This is BS, we see him not know that Chromastone could fly and we see him not know what Lodestar does.

  27. Chromastone's flying isn't part of his instincts and Ben broke the Omnitrix before getting Lodestar.

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