1. Just wanted to once again come into a Dragula discussion thread and make my case that Dahli can come get it whenever they want.

  2. The Dragula girls are actually geniuses, be such an annoying little cunt that your competition gets sick of you and leave

  3. Maybe it's from that one film where she was on a treadmill & stepped on this dudes balls. Idr what the video was in referenc to but regardless of the real reason, this is headcanon

  4. God someone should play the main character on snatch game. Ru will 100% allow it and instantly give the win no matter how bad it is

  5. Is this what the wicked witch of the west been doing lately?

  6. One of my slides played Smile and I almost lost my shit

  7. It's a straight porn site by the amount of Gay4Pay actors they have

  8. Her and Abhora kept fighting over who was going to oviposit Hoso’s cloacussy.

  9. this is all leading up to a krystal and jorgeous beef to determine who was truly born to do drag

  10. Rosè: "Day 281, the shirt finally stands on its own 😍😍😍"

  11. "I suck it out to make it soft and moist again" Yeah I saw that comment before it was deleted

  12. Imagine being topped to the beat of Call Me Mother. It could be our CBAT

  13. God Cheddar was so ethereal and cunt in the challenge

  14. "WHY ARE YOU ORANGE?!" Danny's Dad was so real for that.

  15. Krystal is what the skinny look twinks want to be, but can't.

  16. Kastalove is the only partner who served cunt and didn't emote like a caveman

  17. The amount of chairs that get lost in there is insane

  18. I'm sorry but why didn't they keep all the all star shenanigans they introduced in ep 1. Where is the all you can pick voting and why are most exterminations not something a girl might quit? Make them kill a kitten like in fear factor or something.

  19. Vanity Milan is officially the richest UK queen

  20. JB having the most convoluted journey to the finale, iconic tbh

  21. The Irish Daya Betty with a worse track record

  22. Michelle would have shot Gioffré in the head by now.

  23. Even this show can't escape Ruth Paula's inner saboteur

  24. The piss, shit and period puddle. One of the 7 wonders of California

  25. Guys Jeffrey Dahmer might have been cannibal, but he did his time and people change. Also the guys probably weren't even conscious when he ate them

  26. like when is the statute of limitations on forgiveness ???

  27. So the season is officially Danny Beard vs Cheddar Gorgeous now

  28. Evah could become a certified psychoanalysist the amount of speeches she sat next to

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