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  1. I see this posted a lot on this sub. I think I was lucky and never saw the game over screen of this particular fight when I was a kid. But looking at this again, it reminds me of a close up of the moon from Majoras Mask. Something that terrified me as a kid, and left such a lasting impact, even to this day, it still creeps me out.

  2. been thinking about how scary this game would’ve been to me when i was a kid, the mysterious and eerie feeling of this game alone would’ve traumatized me if i had it so i’m kind of glad i had never heard of it. though the fact it’s horrifying without really trying to be i think makes the game beautiful

  3. does anyone else feel awkward with the analog stick play? i use an xbox controller but it honestly doesn’t feel like i’m moving as i should it feels rlly stiff and hard to turn

  4. I think that has nothing to do with how strong the car is and everything to do with luck + no pothole

  5. i’d say you’re somewhat correct with the luck but i think what i meant to say was it’s well built, not necessarily strong

  6. I just got back on too I can't even combo anymore and everything is delayed. Did they just fuck up the game because it feels so much slower

  7. Most likely eac affecting input delay doesn’t affect me cause of my high specs but honestly this is a fucking flash game you shouldn’t need high specs to run the game how it should normally

  8. i didn’t think about that i totally forgot eac causes lag issues, that’s probably what it is -_- i’m sure it’s not my specs cause all my other games run smoothly no delay.

  9. fr? i never text nobody cause pick up lines be cringe and “wassup” is too boring, yet i feel adding “baby” or “bb” is too much

  10. If I stared at a TV too closely I would end up blind, and cracking my fingers, neck, and toes will give me arthritis

  11. well technically sitting too close to the TV does make you blind as it ruins your vision and causes you to need glasses later in life . i think they over dramatized it so we could keep our 20/20 vision lol

  12. every human is depressed, its more of a realization than an agreement

  13. the term "money won't make you happy" is over dramatized and only applies to some people not all. if i had a million dollars i would be the happiest man in the world.

  14. no matter how secretive you and the other person are, you'll always get caught cheating.

  15. In my opinion I think you go into some sort of after life, and im not just saying that without any knowledge to back it up.

  16. Get a new keyboard and stop buying those $10 bargain bin Wal-Mart keyboards. A 'real' mechanical keyboard will not do that.

  17. lol i have a razer huntsman mini and a corsair mouse. i know better if i bought some cheap shit obviously quality will be bad

  18. when i was a young lad (6-7) i would have dreams where this man who was just a silhouette would put me in his back seat and drive around, silently, we’d never exchange words not even i would say anything. but the outside environment was a scary dark with a tint of blue idk how to explain it. that’s not even the scary part about it, i would have this same dream a lot and at random times. i could not dream for a month but once i did it’d be that dream. another crazy factor is when i was about 12 (these dreams have stopped by now) my mom said she had a night mare where she got out of bed and went towards the bathroom only to look up and see a silhouette man. this man spoke to her and claimed to be her friend who died in a car accident 5 years ago. 5 years ago was when i had those dreams. Of a silhouette man driving me in a car.

  19. when i got hired at my current job, my ex-bestfriends were co-workers, behind my back they would tell the manager that i’m not gonna do good and i’m going to be a sloppy worker. they said these things because i used to be the class clown in school i would always portray myself as a goof and make people laugh. basically be immature. i still work there 2 years later and now i’m a front end supervisor, now i oversee the ones who thought they were better than me .

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