1. jellyfish one is the 🌊 but who tf finna be using the moose emoji 💀

  2. She never got in my way in the original and she always ducked before my shots, so I never had to worry about hitting her.

  3. In remake she's basically a tool. Like enemy grabs her and I'm like "ah that's great, free backstab instant kill."

  4. “Oh thank god they’ll be off my back for 10 seconds. Now I have a second to think.”

  5. Nintendo is a bit of a stretch

  6. I love my 3fps walk cycles in Pokémon Violet

  7. This reminds me of that guy on 4chan who created a step-by-step psychological technique to force oneself into a foot fetish. It involved switching to pictures of feet right before an orgasm to utilize Pavlovian conditioning in making someone associate feet with arousal.

  8. I always save eternal hearts until I’m about to enter the next floor so I don’t have to worry about losing it.

  9. I believe the merchant to be some kind of hive mind plaga, he's at all checkpoints at once

  10. He also refers to a “we” a lot in the remake, implying a multi-person operation, so that theory holds quite a bit of water.

  11. He is the sole respite in this cold bitch of an earth

  12. RE1 and CV need RE engine remakes before RE5 happens. The impact of Wesker’s presence in RE5 will be completely lost on newer fans if they aren’t given a proper background to him.

  13. In a way, the Dimensional merge /is/ in progress. We’re moving quickly toward a time when it will be impossible to tell which posts, essays, books, paintings, photos, and videos are “real” and which are “fake.” All things will be basically be in the middle because they’ll be indistinguishable. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” etc., etc.

  14. He's thinner for sure, but it looks like the color was drained from his face.

  15. The last of his humanity has withered away, leaving nothing but a desolate husk

  16. Dimensional merge caused minor textural anomalies to occur in the simulation

  17. No, they’re back together and SDWABF is about to be released on the YZY WAR Stem Player. Expect the announcement on April 3. We are back.

  18. As if normal warfare wasn’t bad enough, now we have garden warfare too? Unbelievable.

  19. Leon gun skills in the cutscenes don't even compare to his gun skills in game lol

  20. Speak for yourself bro I’m a deadeye with the Red9

  21. Pulp > Bastards > Kill Bill > Django > reservoir dogs > Hateful Eight > OUATIH > Jackie Brown > Death Proof

  22. “Revolutionary”? You’re really overselling the impactfulness of that fuse ability lol

  23. Do you genuinely have so little faith in the Zelda team you think the game will be just the "same game" with little mechanics and islands here and there? You don't think this will be substantial new entry?

  24. It won’t be the same game but from what I’m seeing so far, it’s not piquing my interest substantially.

  25. Donda IV in Bangladesh next week 🔥🕊️

  26. Steam reviews are the best reliable user reviews. I usually go off of that. Last I checked it was at 97 percent

  27. Every game gets bombed on Metacritic. Even Elden Ring went into the yellow for a while.

  28. People will buy a game like this on their 2009 potato laptop and then bitch about how it won’t run.

  29. What?? Why aren't you a fan of Microsoft's amazing "here's a useless mob that is utterly useless and in no way interacts with anything else" updates?

  30. I’d say something along the lines of “it’s the community’s fault for voting for it”, but Microsoft are complete fucking morons for designing 3 functional mobs and then only allowing one to enter the game by way of a popularity vote, then throwing the other two in the incinerator.

  31. This is a thing for basically every survival game out there. The early game is the best part because it's most full of struggle and discovery. By the time you reach iron tools in Minecraft, your survival is usually guaranteed. By that point you have a house, food, tools and protection which is all you practically need. Everything beyond that is superficial progression just for the sake of progressing.

  32. Subnautica probably does it best. It gives you a lot of incentives for progressing, even once you’ve gotten comfortable with a oxygen-fed base and proper equipment.

  33. And just like in Yakuza, if you beat up enough of them irl you’ll find a collection of CP

  34. eh 9/11 was a way worse crime it’s probably because this happened a lot more recently

  35. 9/11 is starter material, people have been shitposting about it since the day after it happened

  36. flow of calamity huh… that wouldn’t happen to be a jojos reference now would it…

  37. Not even bait. Believe it or not people are actually this dense

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