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  1. Based on his performance in his last match and general health, DDP would probably do a much better job at a “Last Match” event than Ric did, but honestly I’m glad he’s not taking the bait on it.

  2. I think just about anyone would have a better last match than Ric did

  3. DA in theory might be higher. So many elligible voters don't vote as they see it as a waste of time. If you don't vote, don't complain.

  4. Are you South African by chance? Asking cos pf your IGN and Reddit name. Nice iron luck

  5. Just hope some actual ‘investor’ who actually wants to see a company grow takes ownership. But what are the chances of that 1/1000 ?

  6. Comments are filled with fertility experts don’t ya know.

  7. This is the exact opposite of toxic masculinity.

  8. Why though? Whats the goal? "give me the presedency or I sell it to Russia"?

  9. That's mad. For every 5 times I've lost dps due to not switching back to a proper off hand, there's at least once where I've noticed it actually stopped me dying.

  10. Happened to me quite a lot. It feels like a waste when N redo and vit pot, only for my defender to tank 13k damage haha. Does feel good when I scuff though

  11. You're reading waaaay to much into a throwaway comment

  12. Seems the joke wemt over your head there just a bit.


  14. Speaking of experience there? You grossed someone out a bit, didn't you?

  15. If you can streak so far yeah. But for many you get either core or just nilas. Rarely both lol

  16. All he had to do was lose his red skull. Easy game now

  17. Sad about the wildy thing though.at least less stress now. Amd all the iron luck

  18. More annoying instances where this box blocks vital screen information:

  19. I feel they are all more relaxed when JR isn't in the booth to make them want to "act proffessional". Not at all at knock at him. When he's not there the general commentary is like the older pic-in-pic commentary. When they now go to pic-in-pic they are fucking goofs amdy I love ot

  20. You also need a few friends to cosplay tired editors begging you to stop writing

  21. You spend a few minutes with Darby and you're diving onto people

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