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  1. Me who made a corruption world, got unholy water, and put it in the same biome as crimson, defeated the wall of flesh and now has one area with all three coruptive elements: nervous sweating nope couldn't be me

  2. Yeah, I don't think we have enough to erase our species. We can end civilization, sure, and we can knock out a huge portion of us, but we won't be able to make ourselves extinct.

  3. Oh yes we oh so very much can, if we detonate all atom bombs at once the human race will go extinct

  4. Bats have no purpose but to make us punch a hole jn you're monitor or throw your controller when it appears in the middles of the screen when a cave noise plays.

  5. So... I play on windows 10 edition... but that's not on here

  6. So I defeated the BoC and got the obsidian skull, so will meteors fall soon?

  7. It's not out on consoles yet and thats what I play on. Were still on 1.3 and it's probably gonna be awhile until we get 1.4

  8. Dude that exact thing happened to me and a literally jumped up while still in my chair and slammed my hand on the keyboard while doing so

  9. you aren’t supposed to say anything damnit! i wanna see him get guardianed

  10. It also raises the question, how are any of them talking without tongues and vocal chords?

  11. I like the dude in the bottom right on the 3rd panel(obviously the 3rd panel tho),he said "bruh dude how the hell are you talking?"

  12. I can say I must be some kind of special 12 because I think that song is shit. Old rap is much better than new rap.

  13. The only raps I like are fnaf raps. I don't think astronaut in the ocean is bad, but I don't think it is good either.

  14. On like Twitter comment but I think it’s all gone sorry... if you want I can help send over some stuffz

  15. I don't have Twitter but thank you for the offer, my username is Fnafjakenew and my password is 7TW83O0MI8

  16. Not me getting my friend that’s in the scp fandom to help me understand this-

  17. Hey you also have a friend who is an expert on scp stuff? Great!

  18. Yeah, he’s been in the fandom for a while, I’m actually learning from him!

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