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  1. Also very distracting in a BR when you are trying to win. Also OP bouncing from 40-70 fps under new graphics which is... not optimal

  2. Who cares about ur fps unless you're a competitive player. It's a damn game, have some fun for once in your life

  3. Okay, so say there was a massive hole down through the earth, leading to other side. You jump down that hole, what happens when you reach the other side?

  4. All those who were cancelled. I hate cancel culture. Freedom of speech makes people realize who is an idiot and who is not. Cancel culture is infantilization.

  5. You are free to say as you wish but you are no free of the consequences that may follow

  6. Forgot to mentions it’s gen 1. I also get gen 2 kor this morning, while I was auto training and a kor gen 2 spawned in. So now I have both. Today was a really lucky day ig lol. Which one should I buy first I only have enough for 1

  7. I feel like your knowledge about Christians is limited to

  8. Hahahaha... you think I'm making this up? I've lived it. And you took a look through my profile? I'll have you know I once was a devoted Christian, who came to my own conclusions through my own research, and the fact that you're trying to use my beliefs as a excuse for me being wrong in your eyes is downright hilarious. Also, tf are you on about with the number of minority groups thing, are you trying to pull stuff out of thin air to try to prove your quickly dying point?

  9. Also, unrelated but why do you keep downvoting my replies?

  10. I agree, but whatever happened to the flood of people saying it's the worst because of the brute 💀

  11. Reminds me of the pokemon cycle. A new gen comes out and everyone says it sucks, and about 3 or 4 gens later, everyone says it was so great and underrated.

  12. Honestly I would want salty, dusty, fatal, and frosty flights back, along with planes, and quadcrashers.

  13. I like everything except bytes, bytes just seems so lazy. Singularly's bonus styles made her much more likeable though.

  14. Not a movie. It comes from the "Star Wars Rebels" TV show, where Obi-Wan kills Maul

  15. It's been in beta and extended beta for a while. Not sure if it fully released.

  16. Try picking up a bio textbook, it might do you some good outside of the extremely dumbed down version taught to you in the 5th grade

  17. They have decided it is now economically advantageous to say such a thing.

  18. Imagine there's a movie that you really, really, really want to see. As soon as it starts you think "in 2 hours this movie will be over and I'll never see it for the first time again". Every minute into the movie you keep thinking that the end is 1 minute closer. Finally the movie does end and you realize that you spent the entire time worrying that it would end and never enjoyed any of it.

  19. My daily wear consists of jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and a hoodie

  20. Me: Haha Araki is such a goober can’t believe he forgot that stands can’t be seen

  21. I mean, in cases like Iggy's stand, where it is made of physical matter, it would most likely be seen by non-stand users. My assumption is that the stand itself doesn't have a form but gives itself one with the sand around it. Take Yukako for example, with her stand being tied to her hair. Non stand users can still see her hair, because it is made up of physical matter.

  22. Rip. Either way I'm still your friend, like it or not.

  23. Yeah pretty much. Now come along, I need to talk someone's ear off about special interests.

  24. This is less of a kids being stupid moment, and more the school system taking advantage of children

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