1. Migros PodClub has some very good Swiss German (and other languages) recordings. There was an app in the past but can’t find it anymore.

  2. This is true. It was the reason I had stopped Ozempic in the first place. It still happens with Rybelsus, but the side effects are a bit smoother.

  3. Lucky you! I feel more anxious and lighter sleep, meaning I dream more

  4. Weiss nicht, ob es das beste ist, aber es ist gut

  5. I have, but I feel uncomfortable, not because of others but because this event has deeply affected me and I’m sometimes thinking of throwing all in trash

  6. Cultural appropriation. Canceled 😂

  7. I mean, you can find racism anywhere if you look hard. I mean, this sub is filled with stereotypes about Swiss. If I were from Appenzell, I had sued already 😄

  8. It seems that the post has been removed. In the times of “cancel culture” it is not allowed anymore to mention someone’s background, as if it does not play a role in their behavior, as if sociology is racist for generalizing the cultural behavior of people.

  9. I don’t think so; shows how other cultures behave and how they need to adjust to the local culture. It’s a sociological comment and it doesn’t have to do with racism or anything your views might imagine. Grow up

  10. Are you diabetic? Have insulin resistance issues? How much weight do you need to lose?

  11. I'm not diabetic, I need to lose about 20kgs. How is this relevant?

  12. I think I saw a big penis on the map at first

  13. the scanning app doesn't really work; you can scan and email the invoices, but any responses are in paper, so you end up with a lot of paper (that I need to manually scan before throwing away). Other than this, no problems so far

  14. I still believe they must feel the pain in their sales books to stop provoking with such things, either by mistake (I doubt) or not.

  15. Allrighty, the point is what law applies to you in a self defence moment against a Dog. First its the question between Notwehr Art. 15 and Art. 15 Stgb, which isn't the case as the dog came after you, without the owner directly using it as a weapon. So no actions against the owner would be justified.

  16. Doesn’t the attacked person have a right to sue the dog owners who leave their dogs without a leash?

  17. I can still eat protein, but after starting Rybelsus I crave carbs and sugar - which I can’t explain

  18. This is very discouraging. I have been trying to lose weight all my life, tried so many diets, and exercise, and therapy, and I feel I can’t do this anymore. I need some medical help. If I manage to go back to a normal weight range while I continue to exercise, I hope that I will be able to maintain it. Or even if I get some back, it will not be all.

  19. Oh no, how can I unsee this?

  20. They vary their balls - sorry, bells :-)

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