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  1. She is soo helpful. Run her with Fiorane and she will stay alive long enough to help you do what you need to do

  2. TY. I was looking forward to Yonta stuff for quite a while

  3. I didn't spend a single dollar in the game I watched a video on youtube before on what I should do to maximize my gems for free. I'm pretty certain you wasted you're gems on accessories and casual bait at the beginning before realizing what you really wanted but now you don't have gems.

  4. Casual bait like resonators yes. But no on accessories

  5. I am wondering when the Sana and Subaru together is gonna happen. Since Subaru kinda proposed to Sana on her birthday

  6. I think you can remove 1 impermanence. And 1 Ant. And increase Synchron Resonator to 2. If you can add in the spell “One for One”. That will help too. Cut down Wildwind to either 2 or 1. And increase Red Resonator to 2 or 3.

  7. But. If you want something better and you can fork out the gems and luck. I suggest this build. Since it can help out with how the meta is.

  8. Same channel. But a previous video to see your options

  9. Ok. It says I can use monsters in my extra deck as fusion material. Is it only for if there Pendulum Monsters in there? Or use Fusion Monsters that are in there as Fusion Materiel?

  10. Lunalight Fusion straight up let's you use a fusion monster from your extra deck as a material. This and Kaleido Chick are your two best tools for getting out Leo Dancer in a timely manner.

  11. The odds the person who has that particular deck is on here is minuscule. It's also not a deck that seeing any sort of serious experimentation, so there's not going to be a list floating around that many people are aware of.

  12. Good to know. But the odds of finding it are slim to none. The reason why I am asking is because the deck lists I have gotten from here are two. 1 is a Tri-Brigade Lunalight list that is more Tri then Luna. Then the other is a more pure Lunalight but with only 1 Ash and CBTG. I want to find a deck list that can be good and have a decent amount of Handtraps. And I don’t trust the Master Duel public search because I keep seeing deck lists that have these cards which are showing their backs and I have no idea what that means. And I did search YouTube. Only found 1 good one that is a Tri-Luna that is a hybrid. But the showcase of the deck didn’t leave with confidence

  13. The ones with card backs are cards that are not in Master Duel. This can happen when it shows a deck made in Neuron, since that is designed for the TCG and OCG formats, and is quite popular in the OCG where their card pool is like a year ahead of MD.

  14. I see. Good to know. I just want to make a deck list and see what options I can have a side deck option. Because each build of the deck is different. And what is Neuron?

  15. ofc it is. You might want to go for the standard 40 cards by removing one tribrigade trap, 1 keras and something else of your choice after you have some hands-on experience with the deck.

  16. Sorry that I am posting this again. But this is a deck list that was given to me by someone in here. I want to see if this list is solid. Because I want to make a Lunalight deck later on when I am done with one of many deck projects

  17. Going second has worked better for me because I can determine what I’m up against in order for me to come up with a strategy (as well as back up plans) and most times I pull a better hand than going first.

  18. Then what would you do if you were the one going first?

  19. Well, it depends on what kind of hand I have. If I have a good hand and don’t get negated, I would fusion summon cat dancer in defense mode and have a trap card(s) in play or have a Dark Honest to serve as my hand trap in case the opponent attacks me. If I have a bad hand and can’t fusion summon right away, I’ll have to go by instinct and put a card in defense mode (provided its blue cat or yellow marten) and have trap cards in play until I’m able to bounce back. Some instances, I’ve started with very bad hands going first until I draw a surprising comeback near the end.

  20. I see the Drytron package as a whole as solid. And with how the meta has shifted. I still think they are solid.

  21. There you go. Thank you. This was what I was looking for. 🙏

  22. Dude. Gojo isn’t an Otaku. And he doesn’t show interest in 2D. Just dolls and Marin

  23. For me. Difficult to say. Anything that is dragons and Synchros

  24. Ok. For that. Just run Chaos Max. Ritual Buster Blader. And the whole same Drytron package that you see in every Drytron Herald deck without most of the fairies except for their Tuner and Synchro monster

  25. But that is just me with the small amount of knowledge I know off

  26. Mine was just a fun burn deck with Burn Spells and Traps that were on the cheap side. I remember I won because of Dimension Wall

  27. You might want to cut down on the spells. You don't need 3 Darklord contact, 1 is good enough since you can recycle the spells. 2 of the field spell is what I think is good since you have way of searching and recovering it and never want 2 or 3 in the hand. Amdusc and Tezcatlipoca don't provide much ether, might want bump up tragedy, ukoback and/or superbia. I personally, don't run reasoning since I think allure and Ixchel is enough draw power. Otherwise, can't think of any thing else ya might need.

  28. Ok. This is just a rough draft for the Dark Lord Despia deck. Is there any way to improve the list more then want I have drafted in here. Also I don’t have the new Despia fusion card from the recently released booster

  29. Thanks man, I already have 2 Called By crafted anyway. I just didn’t know how the interaction worked so I haven’t been activating it when ash is played lol. She is a very annoying card to play against. The amount of times my Junk Speeder has been negated thanks to her

  30. Do try to make Crossout Designator as well. But only add it into your deck if you also have Ash and Maxx “C” as well.

  31. I see. Well glad to have cleared that small misunderstanding. But that still doesn’t help me out as much sadly.

  32. Red Supernova isn't an easy generic boss monster to bring out. So either have to play it in it's archetype, build some type of Synchro deck that can turbo it out, or cheat it out with Waking the Dragon. But why would you waste a WtD on that when you could cheat out Red Hot Archefiend Dragon?

  33. But, if you want, that variation is good (and the Extra is more powerful), I don't have the cards yet:

  34. Sorry for the late reply. But thanks a lot for this.

  35. Can you share your Z-ARC Deck List pls. I would like to see it and learn what I need to know from it

  36. Her Resonator won't work on Eximus while they are Overguarded. It's one of the few Aggro based CC abilities that doesn't work.

  37. Good to know. Was trying to see which units would be solid in Steel Path Mobile Defence alert missions that involved Corrupted or Corpus because of their Nullifiers.

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