1. So, a couple of friends and I are playing at work but then one of us started to crash mid game and kept getting worst and worst… at least he was able to finish the lvl

  2. Im sure he doesn’t regret the clicks on that video

  3. Spends $500 on a mobile game, deletes the next week….😂😂😂

  4. That’s some commitment kuddos, I been playing summoners war for like 4 years now maybe but mostly f2p, that’s the longest I have played a mobile game

  5. El mae que dura 3 horas con una milkshake junior… típico que se le hace dengue a la birra cuando se toma una 😂😂😂

  6. Puedo decir que fue menos de 30 mins 😅, me quedó helado sin batir y como 5 fresas enteras (tuve suerte porq me gustan) jajaja

  7. Creo que en eso si podemos todos estar de acuerdo, en la pops más que milkshakes venden milkchunks

  8. You better start saving scam stones like for real for the next Leo rotation no joke, that combo will outspeed anything (assuming your leo does the damage cap to trigger Lucifer’s passive), you kinda get an idea of which units and defenses may be nem traps but I mean you can’t win them all the even with Leo/Lucifer

  9. Chimera again? lol RTA players will be less active than last season 100%

  10. If that’s so I guess it’s time for low rank players to take advantage and climb(even if still pretty unrealistic to get a skin)

  11. Por eso en el menú sale “pollo ensartado”

  12. Pretty great effort for on 79 attacks! I just checked and last week I did 197. You could probably push g2 attacking more, unless they were all in rush hour.

  13. I did about 3 refreshes and started about 30min late into the rush, maybe I try again this that’s interserver qual probably there’ll be more ppl playing

  14. gg but try another def ´cause it’s free win with just megan + 0spd lushen

  15. I haven’t really invested on building an AD but should, I have my nem Meghan ready to fight those AD, I know it’s super farmable but not to manny ppl attacked yesterday

  16. I’ve been using water pure vanilla on a very specific (non f2p) AO, WPV lead, Leo , Lucifer, Lushen. I was running Fran for the longest time cause I like better immunity than shield for that team when facing Belenus,Rica,Psamathe AD to avoid CC after the last nuke, so spd wasn’t really a problem, with atk lead my Lushen now hits about 13k per card without it it was about 11k.

  17. Hit me baby 2 set- casts provoke on any enemy that gain an extra turn with 25% chance,

  18. Is be fine with getting rid of energy, gaurd, and endure like he says tbh

  19. Agree, we could really use some of the ideas in the tread to replace them

  20. Then do some more atks and other ppl could revenge you, I still don’t see too much of a problem with someone attacking my defense like that

  21. I have seen the bug where it merges all the units in toa or cairos but never seen merge and duplicate

  22. No es que uno los ame, pero eso a estar volándo pala imagínate

  23. I mean it’s too much setup but still pretty cool LD, makes me wish for a Jamire and Poseidon

  24. It can actually kill, it just won't happen often. The skill does damage twice, can check in the video, one is regular damage with atk+crit yada yada, the other one is the fixed damage based on the amount of atb pushed. The first portion can kill, it just won't ever happen in toa hell of course.

  25. Interesting, I’ll have to pay more attention to it and see what’s the best build and so and so

  26. I don’t really have too much trouble with nana AD I would say the most annoying could be Vanesa Triana but even those are pretty rare to see(you can always skip anyway) I find it pretty use full to run Fran and Lushen as immunity help a lot against Rica, Jeanne and fire Druid. The most troubling could be psamathe AO if he procs a turn after dying and kills your Lucifer (my Lucifer goes last after Lushen amp magic) but for those I change Fran to Bastet to “mitigate” the damage for psamathe or get a more tanky build. I’m C2

  27. Thr ones I dislike most are Psamathe, Nana, Perna + x and some triple Vanessa revives.

  28. I find it more useful that way for some reason, for rta lucifer moves before lushen but don’t see it as good as the other way around, but that why I run Fran over Bastet so I don’t get stunned

  29. Don't cap on 300 speed leo, I got my first G1 by running a 300 speed Leo Lucifer AD.

  30. I deff gotta give this a try I have 2 Leo’s, my 0 spd that I run with Lucifer for AO, I don’t think I can do a 300spd Leo, would that strat with less spd?

  31. Honestly, I don’t see many Leo AD or GWD anymore. He’s more of a counter in offense than a defense guy. Only the guys who owns Lucifer, put him in AD.

  32. You called me? Haha yeah it’s funny a strong combo like Leo/Lucifer falls sooooo short to a Megan on nemesis 😹😹

  33. Verde Riley water homo and dark vagabond, you don’t need a fast team you need a reliable team, it’s not like the dimension would close anyway

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