1. There are dozens of lists online about that topic.

  2. Mmh, only had one stuffed toy, quite small and nice. But I always was afraid of everything that ist close to humans. Every doll, even monkeys. I always tried to cover them when I was at a place were they sat around.

  3. I really like the idea, could be faster and smoother. I could imagine that it only covers 2/3 of the screen and is a close up. A little more abstract, but more fitting for lining up the menu text. Additional information could be displayed on the other side, without being bound to the circular design.

  4. Cool. A futuristic Famicon Wars I guess. Are there different civilizations? Would love to see a unit roster that doesn’t mirror each other.

  5. I can't feel proud with my bass singing (Bb1 - D4) A4=440. I wish was a tenor. Does anyone feel the same way? Is there anybody out there?!?!

  6. When is was 19, I was very upset, as a bass, couldn’t sing any song, had to change to a falsetto even for a c4. Got a second job in a different city and practiced in the car. Now the chest goes up to g4 without warming up, after singing a little a4 is doable. But my head voice lowered over the years, can’t hit a c6 anymore. My speaking voice is around d2.

  7. You have to be able to do both separately without hesitation. Often it’s not the singing knocking you out, it’s remembering lyrics or having to look for a chord. And start with songs where instruments and voice go rhythmically along. It’s a lot of practice. But once you’re not having to think about technique or anything, you’re free.

  8. You have to complete a game without npcs noticing you’re not one of them.

  9. I think only the seeing through enemies eyes would count as second person game in the examples you mentioned. Maybe even the companions if they’re active and not just security cams made of animals. And having a third party or cameras involved doesn’t really make things different as for example metal gear solid.

  10. It always says it’s sorry for not doing something the way it was wished. So I asked him if it really could feel sorry, since it always said it has no feelings and it got a little confused.

  11. Technomage mochte ich. Hatte ich glaube ich aus der ScreenFun. Ist Giga TV nicht von 2004 und war vorher nur Giga? Und [email protected] nicht so ein Computer Führerschein? Wir hatten damals nur 5 Sender zu Hause, von daher könnte der französische Fernsehsender gemeint sein. Gibt ja Leute die sowas empfangen können.

  12. I am a Catholic and that is not possible : Angels and Demons are the same species, which is spiritual beings who do not need a body. God created them before time, space, energy and matter. Demons are those who became evil and turned against Him. Also they can NOT have sons with each other or with women and they are all genderless. Nephilim were 7 feet, maybe 8 feet tall Middle Eastern humans who had a special combo of gigantism and acromegaly that made them bigger but also strong and well shaped unlike most people with it. They practiced genetic selection on themselves to get a tall warrior caste. Goliath was the son of one of them.

  13. The Bible states the origin of the nephilim ist fallen angels having some tete a tete with human women. So they must be able to materialize, which isn’t a surprise, other angels did that too.

  14. Why should it? There is no causality and you described to different things.

  15. I always thought it’s about coir. Since it’s a tropical island and people using coconuts fiber for everything, so maybe just also for lint. I ask my Japanese friend if there’s something to linto/rinto.

  16. It’s from Jehovah’s Witnesses. A book about revelation.

  17. Mal Bruder, mal siezen, ich verstehe die Frage nicht.

  18. So schreibt eigentlich niemand der nicht betrügt.

  19. Also bei uns in der Schule wurden mal neue Rohre verlegt, von der Firma Willy Fick. Mein Arbeitsweg führte vor vielen Jahren immer an der Gynäkologischen Praxis von Dr. Pfisterer vorbei. Das klang immer sehr unangebracht. Und sonst kenne ich tatsächlich auf die Schnelle nur ein paar Zimmerer die Zimmermann mit Nachnamen heißen.

  20. no cap it was a hypothetical equation and public school. N it cant be gta 3 cause it was his house in our city and 2001 of oct release date is after we were in hs

  21. The Map of GTA V Los Santos is very small, compared with LA. San Andreas’ city is even smaller. I don’t think you can line them up and find your house, except it’s a landmark or special location.

  22. 2000 or 2001 would be 3-4 years. I can say, Dan Andreas wasn’t released that early. I played Vice city over and over on the pc and can recall the early 2000s songs in my mp3 Radio. After I was done with it San Andreas released. So it could have not exist that early. Maybe he was just talking about gta 3.

  23. Da hätte ich ja schon nach der ersten Nachricht nicht geantwortet.

  24. There could be a Mandela effect about a South African politician you’ve might have heard.

  25. Without looking, I remember a small fence made of stars. And it was quite easy to jump over it. You also could short cut or fall off on the down hills. I would argue there has to be rails since the green shells bounds around there a lot.

  26. Welches Zug unternehmen ist das denn? Eine Stillezone klingt ja noch leiser als ein Ruhebereich. Irgendwas im Süden?

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